The best sea & sun winter getaways

By Sergio González | 11:35

From Chicago’s frozen lighthouses to snow-covered pyramids in Egypt, 2014 winter will be remembered as one of the coldest ever.

Not feeling like going through another bad-scarf day or choking on more hot cocoa? By now snowflakes look all the same to you? It’s time you pack your swimwear and order your  favourite cocktail because we’re ready to travel to destinations filled with sun and beaches right about now.

We are passionate about traveling and sharing with you the coolest destinations, but we also think it’s just not enough to scroll down beautiful pictures that will only make you daydream. We want to truly share these winter destinations as in the old meaning of the word: neither online nor 2.0 but in real life. That’s why we have designed our Winter Specials promotion!

Winter Specials deals are so awesome you’ll remember 2014 as the winter you finally visited Amsterdam, Paris or Barcelona. Or, it could be the year you fulfilled every traveller’s dream of sunbathing while his friends are freezing back at home.

We may enjoy winter’s company -he’s such a cool guy, you know- but summer is our true blue-eyed boy. Think of your feet feeling the sand and swimming in warm, turquoise waters. Think of fresh seafood served for dinner in a lovely terrace…and sun, lots of sun. Think of tons sunlight to convert as much Vitamin D as you want and to do whatever you please but outside with warm weather. 

We can all put a winter breakaway to good use but it’s the perfect time for families: your kids will stay for free if you book with NH Hotels Winter Specials. Most of us were taught at school that earth’s revolution around the sun is what makes seasons change, though now our kids learn it’s the axis tilt we should thank when it’s summer in the Southern Hemisphere.

Buenos Aires is Argentina’s most popular destination for international travellers but locals have a thing for Mar del Plata, the fanciest holiday resort in the region. If Buenos Aires is called the Paris of the South for its architecture and lively performing arts scene, Mar del Plata should be considered the corresponding Montecarlo: fancy casinos, high-end restaurants and beautiful people dancing the nights away.

We fell for Mar del Plata a long time ago and today we can offer our guests two unique hotels: NH Gran Hotel Provincial, part of NH Collection and awarded in 2013 with a Certificate of Excellence by Tripadvisor users, and NH Hotel Casino, Mar del Plata’s landmark designed by renowned Argentinean architect Alejandro Bustillo.

Our second suggestion will take us to South Africa and the lovely NH hotel at Plettenberg Bay. This location, east of Cape Town, is a natural reserve where to enjoy the best water sports, including scuba diving with amazing sea wildlife. The hotel is built by the Garden Route, a walking trail into Namaqualand’s famous bloom, and there are several golf courses around if you are up for some golfing. Leave winter behind and don’t forget to upload the pics next to your friend’s ones of their snow-covered cars.

Photo credit: Leon Barnard

Photo credit: Tobias Banaszak


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