The most curious events held at NH Hoteles

By Courtney Imel | 11:42
pink ice skating rink at nhow Berlin

Pink ice skating rink at nhow Berlin

Sometimes when we want to throw a peculiar event, we wonder where to do it and in many cases we end up up discarding the idea due to lack of resources or difficulty organizing it. Now, at NH Hoteles we look back at our most curious events to share with you our best kept secrets and prove to you that perhaps any type of meeting or event is possible on our premises! 

Pirouetting on pink ice

Have you ever seen a pink skating rink? Well then you haven’t visited the nhow Berlin in the winter. Every year the music and lifestyle hotel gives guests the opportunity to skate with spectacular view of the Spree River in a 1.3 tonne ice rink. Situated on the first-floor hotel terrace, and, to fit in with the interior design by Karim Rashid, it’s colored hot pink. This winter delight is intended not only for hotel guests, but also Berliners and all visitors to the capital. You will never look at ice skating the same again! 

Love is in the air?   

In Lisbon, looking for love or making new friends was made possible because of the Speed Dating day organized at NH Liberdade. For four minutes, the participants had a chance to give their best game in order to catch the eye of a possible admirer, with the intention of starting a friendship or who knows, maybe something else…

golfing on the nhow rooftop terrace

Golfing on top of the nhow Berlin rooftop terrace at Rock n’ Hole

Rock n’ Hole 

When we think of the classic game of golf, the first thing that comes to mind is perfectly cut green grass pastures. But nhow Berlin rocked the game of golf in Autumn 2011 when an urban golf tour Rock n’ Hole held an event which invited players to participate in a golf tournament on top of the hotel’s rooftop terrace. Players were given the chance to hit water-soluble organic balls straight into the Spree River with a full line up of rock bands setting the background music to the event. How cool is that? 

Calling all foodies!

For the media preview of the 2 exhibition, nhow Milano chef Luca Molteni  presented two special pre-fixed menus. One menu was titled Leftovers, where the main idea was to honor the creativity made possible from everyday comfort food. Playing with colors and the reworking of famous international dishes the chef also prepared a menu called Portraits which paid tribute to gastronomy as a true work of art. 

Life in the Dreamhouse…

Beyond what may happen within four walls of a room, the Hesperia Sant Just hosted an unusual event: The 1st Barbie Collectors Convention in Spain. Passion for the doll who has it all is an ageless pastime for many collectors and  this two days event offered a dream come true for attendees by offering numerous exhibitions, auctions, lectures, raffles and even a costume contest that culminated in a gala dinner! All with one goal, to bring together a group of passionate people who share love for the doll that became famous in the late 50s. 


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