The thin line between Film and Television

By Sergio González | 11:04
TV in a street

TV and movies, more than just friends

For the greatest part of their corresponding existence, television and cinema have competed with each other to captivate us, to get the largest audience, and to make us dream more, but since the beginning of the 21st century they’re no longer fighting in a Cold War.

Nowadays, the former lines between the two are being blurred but the cooperative movement -competition that is- is shaking our world and the previous conceptions we had of what’s right. TV and film complement each other perfectly, not only in the form of TV films but helping mutually in their common goal to create fictional dream worlds. 

Just as what happened between book and films, many TV series that couldn’t make it for another season find cinemas the perfect ally not to leave fans mourning in disappointment with the stories of their preferred characters unfinished. We would have never known what happened with Carrie Bradshaw and Mr. Big if cinema had never let us know.

One of the most iconic cases of TV and film relation is depicted by Stargate (with all due respect to Star Trek and Star Wars sagas). A popular film when it was released in 1994, the initial idea to make it a trilogy was declined by its producers, who were already working on other films, but not by fans, who were expecting Stargate universe to grow. In 1997, the first series SG1 was released, being a huge success and managing to complete ten seasons and two successful spin-offs. The end for this series? Two Stargate movies to soothe fans are finally solving the thread.

Cinema films bear the halo of glamour and unreachable stars but televisions are at our homes and we establish a closer connection with whatever appears on it and what is translated into more awareness and fabulous ad campaigns for the leading roles. One of the main points for working on television, as told by actors and actresses themselves, is the chance to develop characters to their full potential.

It is not that theatrical films don’t give them the chance, we all have heard about De Niro’s, Zellweger’s or Bale’s hard preparation and heavy body transformation for Raging BullBridget Jones and Batman series. No one can deny they take it seriously, but watching week after week the evolution of character’s personality on TV bonds us largely with them, resembling the relation we establish with book characters, much more intimate and personal.

Likewise, while working on TV was seen as the end for a film actors’s career, nowadays we see cameos from Hollywood stars in TV hits such as Friends -yes, no longer on air, but it’s as big as ever- or Boardwalk Empire. You may also remember how important it was for Hollywoodians to perform in The West Wing, but we not only see actors but directors such Quentin Tarantino on Alias.

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