The time has come! Discover the #WakeUpPics III Edition Winners!

By Courtney Imel | 11:42

How often in your day do you spot moments that remind you of the beginning of things? How new projects arise? Things that come to your mind, make you smile, and encourage you to address your day to day with enthusiasm and desire to do things? Those are WakeUp moments!

At NH Hoteles we firmly believe that it is important to wake up every day with the confidence that we have the capacity to achieve goals and make our dreams come true if we put forth a great deal of enthusiasm and maintain a positive attitude. As once said in the hit from the Monty Phython: ‘Always look on the bright side of life’. We know that it’s usually the little things in our routine that get us going and give us the drive to get accomplish it. Dare you capture them with your mobile and share them with us? This is precisely what thousands of people did in the last two years through the contest #WakeUpPics. 

How did the idea come about? Let’s look back…

Shortly after the launch of Instagram in 2010, NH Hoteles became the first company in Spain to create a profile. After the community began to grow, we thought it was the perfect time to give our fans the opportunity to define our concept Wake Up To a Better World through photos along with the hashtag #WakeUpPics

And two editions later…

From December 20, 2012 until January 30, 2013 we had the grand opportunity to celebrate the#WakeUpPics III Edition contest on Instagram. We encouraged fans to upload their most inspiring Wake Up moments using the hashtag #WakeUpPics and share them with friends and the rest of the world.  

In this III Edition alone we have received more than 5,000 entries and in total there are now more than 28,000 photos on Instagram with the hashtag #WakeUpPics. The primary chosen winner will be given the exciting opportunity to attend an Instameet held by NH Hoteles at the NH Milano Touring in Milan! The two accessit prizes will consist of an unforgettable weekend stay at a chosen NH Hoteles destination.With that said, we are honored and delighted to share with you the winners of the latest edition!  

#WakeUpPics winning photo by @aliceideas

The primary winner of the the #WakeUpPics III Edition is Instagram user @aliceideas from Barcelona for this inspiring photo, representing a sunrise and a new day with its pale orange sky and radient purple mountains. Isn’t it an authentic #WakeUpPic? She is an active Instagram user and also an entrepreneur, a consulting company of the marketing sector. She will be given the exciting chance to attend an Instameet along with NH Hoteles at the NH Milano Touring this Spring. We are sure she will take over the fashion capital with her mobile taking hundreds of new #WakeUpPics with an Italian accent. We can’t wait @aliceideas! 

#WakeUpPics accessit prize winning photo by @jl_saez

The accessit prize went to @jl_saez, an architect from Valencia, Spain, for his touching black and white portrait of his son on the beach. If you take a look at his Instagram profile you can see that he uses deep black and white filters to portray photos of  his life by the sea and also his many travel destinations. Will we enjoy his photos again thanks to the #WakeUpPics prize? Without a doubt they will be spectacular! His art comes out in both in the professional field as well as in hobbies. 

#WakeUpPics accessit prize winning photo by @xaviclick

@xaviclick also took the accessit prize for his energizing shot of a steaming and enticing hot beverage. Don’t you think that it’s during breakfast time that ideas to design and organize begin to flow? @xaviclick inspires us! He is an Iger at heart and is currently the local manager for @igersLleida in Spain. His use of vibrant contrasts in light and composition in his Instragram photos is sure to catch anyone’s eye.  The accessit prizes will include an amazing weekend getaway at a NH Hoteles destination. 

Given the amount of incredible and inspiring #WakeUpPics summited, the decision to choose only three winning photos was definitely difficult for the international jury of photography professionals. Here we will leave you with a summary of the judges chosen to take on this honorable task. 

Phil González


Philippe González describes himself as a French guy with Spanish roots. He lives in Madrid and work as New Media Manager at  Chello Multicanal, a leading TV broadcasting company in Spain and Portugal. In his free time, he runs blog, the major blog around Instagram and he is the founder of Instagramers Network, the main Instagram’s fans network worldwide with more than 300 local chapters. He also collaborated in the selection of photos for the IgersSpain community. Twitter and Instagram: @philgonzalez 


Jan Bartelsman has over 25-year experience in culinary photography and film. His work includes promotional product photography, ‘coffee table books’ with star chefs and, of course, cook books that you might even find in your own kitchen. Thanks to his artistic vision and technical know-how, he is able to shoot images that can ‘woo’ you. 


Maren Anita Metoja is a travel blogger addicted to fashion and arts. She started her blog in 2011 and has today more than 11.000 fans. Take a look at her Instagram profile @marenanita

Ilaria Barbotti


Ilaria Barbotti is Social Media strategist of ADMARCA and Founder/Community Manager of Instagramers Italia with a Bachelor Degree in Communication Sciences. She has worked with and for important national and global companies. Twitter and Instagram: @Ilarysgrill 

Proving that the success of #WakeUpPics belongs to each and every one of you and that even today our fans don’t stop surprising us by continuing to use the hashtag #WakeUpPics everyday, we want to share our gratitude to each and every one of you for making #WakeUpPics an achievement for NH Hoteles throughout the years. We want to give a big round of applause to the judges for their dedication and promotion of the #WakeUpPics competition throughout our 3 unique editions of the contest and to also give a huge thanks to the participants and fans who submitted photos.  And last but definitely not least…congratulations to the winners! Keep up your Wake Up attitude! 

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