Time for a Spring Break with NH Hoteles!

By Sergio González | 11:47

The weather gods and goddesses, are in the mood to let us enjoy the open air sooner, ‘Spring is coming’. Sorry for the Starks but ‘winter is leaving’ and we couldn’t be happier. March has decided to bloom and appears like May all across the Northern Hemisphere where tiny but firm  sprouts are breaking through the soil making their way up.  Flowers are blossoming and blooming, attracting hard-working bees and kicking off the Spring season! 

We’ve been working our hands to the bone during winter time and it’s time for a well deserved spring break. We want to have an unforgettable time and maybe even party a bit but morning comes all too soon at the time of check-out. The AM hours aren’t on the party rockers’ watch and perhaps not on anyone’s while on holiday. 

NH Hoteles makes it easy and fun for us with Spring Break offers and a late late check-out time. The Spring Break offers this year couldn’t be better planned! From Amsterdam to Florence, Bilbao or Prague, you can find many European cities to choose from and especially  the ones you have always dreamed of visiting.  If you’re up for sun and beach holidays, NH has you in mind too because Spring Break offers include the Spanish Mediterranean shore. Thinking  already of warm sunny weather? Spring in Spain may be tricky and you don’t always have the shining sun assured unless you hit the Canary Islands. Get your special discount and late check-out in Lanzarote island! 

Enjoy a cool Spring Break without wearing out your wallet with NH Hoteles’ deals!

Spring starts this 21st of March and one of the coolest places to be is The Netherlands. It’s always a good idea to visit Amsterdam or Utrech but you should choose them as your Spring Break destination if you want to see endless and breathtaking fields of tulips, ranging in every color of the rainbow and creating a paradise like effect against the already beautiful Dutch scenery of channels, green countryside and antique mills. If you want to learn more about this millennial flower, the best tulip festivals are about to begin.

Tuscany is one of the most beautiful regions in Italy and it’s chosen every year by celebrities and worldwide millionaires to spend their Spring Breaks. Hills covered by vineyards, medieval and renaissance villages where all the painters we love used to work and live. That’s how inspiring Tuscany was and is! 

The best idea is to grasp the entire Tuscany (you don’t want to miss a single place because it would be even more breathtaking than the former) so you should take advantage of NH Spring Break and book in Florence. It’s sometimes considered a pricy city but NH Hoteles wants everybody to enjoy it, so if you’ve already decided to follow the footsteps of Leonardo daVinci or Fra Angelico hurry up because the election of the Pope is virtually taking every single room in Rome and nearby cities.

Florence is the capital of Tuscany and so wonderful by itself to risk not to ever leave the town but once you’ve unpacked, renting a car should be your next move. Tuscany is relatively small and driving on your own is the best way to be able to stop every time the scenery catches your attention. You will want to fully charge your smartphone because chances are you’ll take more Instagram pictures than ever! 

These are just some ideas of what you can do with the incredible NH Spring Break deals but there many more things to do as wandering the orange fields in Valencia enjoying the delicate and magic perfume of thousands of orange blossom flowers or watching an opera in a volcanic cave full of waterfalls and jungle-like vegetation in ‘Jameos del Agua’ in Lanzarote. Have you already made up your mind? Already chosen where you want to take your family, friends or that special someone? If not, let NH Spring Break offers seduce you with the coolest destinations and discounts for everybody! 



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