Top Blossoming Flowers in Europe

By Sergio González | 10:17

Spring blossom in Provence

Europe is slowly entering into a lavish Spring blossom this 2013. Rains have been heavy throughout this winter season and our Spring is expected to be a-amazing this year, so don’t waste any more time in front of your computer and get outside and live the feeling of forever young. 

Today we bring you five destinations in Europe where you can enjoy angiosperms -aka flowering plants- at their best. For different reasons, these places have specialized in growing some specific flowers, making your visit a colorful and fragrant must.

Lavender in Provence. France is always on the top three list of most visited countries in the world but Paris gets most of the attention while many other parts of this extremely beautiful country remain just as desktop wallpaper.

Provence is a vast warm Mediterranean region in the south of France with very rich history and culture. It was an arts beacon for many centuries and the most refined region during the Middle Ages in Europe. While bathing was considered a sin in many European courts, in Provence they were developing quintessential essences from the thousands of flowers that grow in these valleys.

Lavender is a base for many Spring taste perfumes and a few bottles here and there became a profitable perfume industry in the whole region. You’ll get the best shots from Luberon and Gordes; avoid staying in St. Remy if you don’t like touristy crowds. Provence is one of those places where you’d better rent a car to see it all because every single spot deserves a picture; don’t miss Avignon and Aix-en-Provence as well.

Patios of Cordoba, Spain

Geraniums in Cordoba. In this Spanish jewel of Muslim art and architecture there is a yearly Spring custom that everybody should see, the flowering patios. Even modern buildings respect the city’s branded pattern of inner magical yards where to escape from high temperatures and monotony.

Every April since 1933, dozens of white-walled patios get dressed with red carnations and geraniums hanging from clay pots, making them an ephemeral beauty considered Intangible Culture Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO since 2012. It’s actually a much disputed contests where old and new buildings compete as well to get the more visitors and likings. If you want the whole magical Andalusia experience, check out NH Amistad in Cordoba, part of the exquisite NH Collection hotels. It’s placed in the historical center, on a historic building itself and the prices are something you don’t want to miss.

One of the many fields you’ll find blossing these days in Holland

Tulips in Holland! We look at flowers as delicate ephemeral beings though Holland’s national flower is an unforgettable one. Originally from Turkey, when tulips arrived in The Netherlands they bloomed what’s called tulipmania, the first economic bubble in history where some bulbs were traded by manors and aristocratic titles.

You have two main options to see the tulip blossoms in Holland, farmer’s fields and tulip gardens. Driving, or pedaling as it is customary here, around Southern Holland looking for tulip fields may be cool but farmers grow them for the bulbs so flower-spotting time is short. To get the best experience, your destination is Keukenhof Gardens in Lisse. The largest flower garden/forest in the world (32 hectares) is blossoming right now for you.

Edelweiss is no peach blossom spring. It only grow where it pleases.

Edelweiss in Switzerland. The most unique of European flowers –it only grows above 2000 m for some weeks- is the symbol of alpinism and free wild nature. Considered magic, this flower is known in the Alps as the noble white and it’s honored in Switzerland and Austria. Blooming won’t happen after spring awakening and you might need some good climbing skills because they are hard to find. They grow where they please. Increase your chances in Swiss National Park, hiking around sunny slopes or try a new era approach by singing ‘Edelweiss’ from The Sound of Music to chant them out. 

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Photo credit: Magnus Manske

  • posted by anuncios gratis | 10 April 2013, 19:51,

    I have had the opportunity to be in Cordoba (Spain) in the spring and “Andalusian patios” are really beautiful as you say, always full of plants and now is when they show all their glory.

  • posted by Courtney Imel | 12 April 2013, 10:19,

    Thanks a lot for the comment! Cordoba is beautiful!! It’s like spring all year long! 😉

  • posted by Free Hotel Lagos Err | 19 April 2013, 15:43,

    Thanx a gr8 deal for this exposure. And… thank you Nature

  • posted by Courtney Imel | 22 April 2013, 14:05,

    Thank you very much! We’re glad you enjoyed it! 🙂


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