Top European Film Festival Destinations: The Big Three

By Sergio González | 11:35
NH Manin in Venice

NH Manin in Venice, the perfect place for keep on dreaming after Venice Film Festival is done

Nowadays we can find more than 4,000 film festivals scattered all along the world and covering every single style and competition. We all have heard about some or another but here comes our top European selections.

There are many different categories of film festivals: experimental, independent, animation…but the ones that take most of our attention are the competitive ones, where directors, actors and scriptwriters test out their works before other colleagues and the general audience. 

In Europe, we can find the Big Three -Venice, Berlin and Cannes- but also San Sebastián and Warsaw film festivals are among the most prolific and important in the old continent.

Classy and stylish are the two adjectives that better match La Biennale di Venezia. It’s the oldest film festival in the world, created as soon as 1932, and the venues for screening are old Venetian Palazzos; if the film doesn’t catch you, the interiors and art inside them surely will do. To make it even cooler, the festival takes place in Lido island, so you’ll be arriving in a gondola or vaporetto.

Actually, Venice Film Festival is part of Biennale Arts exhibition, where painting, architecture or sculpture also have prestigious festivals going on. From August to September, Venice is the place to be. The 70th edition will start this 2013 on August 28th so if you want to see your favorite movie getting the Golden Lion or your preferred actor or actress winning the Volpi Cup, don’t rest in the laurels. Venice is fully booked several months in advance. 

Once you’re in the ever trendy Venice, why not stay with us to allow yourself to feel like a film star. NH Manin is actually chosen by celebrities when they come to the Bienale and if you have a look at it, you’ll quickly understand why. What can be more fab than waking up to a beautiful Venetian morning and gazing the Grand Canal and Rialto Bridge from your room? Arriving at your hotel in a gondola can be. NH Manin displays a private dock for us to enjoy a true Venetian getaway. And if you want to review the festival, remember that with us you always enjoy free Wi-Fi.

Berlin Film Festival Tickets

Hurry up! Berlin Film Festival Tickets are about to be sold out

If Venice depicts the Italian sophistication, Berlin is Germany’s modernity icon. Berlin Film Festival was created in West Germany in 1951 by US officers but it wasn’t until 1978 when it started to be celebrated annually. Nowadays it’s considered the biggest film festival in the world, not only out of the number of tickets sold (more than half a million according to the organization of the festival) but because Berlinale displays films from every corner of the planet.

Hundreds of films compete each year for the Golden and Silver Bears , which is more than just glamour and awareness. Berlinale is a huge film market where young filmmakers gather around Berlinale Talent Campus to show their creations.

If you don’t want to miss it, hurry up because it’s happening as you read this post. The 2013 edition started on February 7th and will last until 17th. To keep it grand and modern you can’t miss nhow Berlin, the most edgy and cool hotel in the German capital. If you’re looking to do some business, NH Berlin Mitte is just three minutes away from Berlinale Palast, the greatest venue of the festival, and it’s the perfect place to start making useful contacts. 

Cannes Film Festival turned 65 last 2012

Cannes Film Festival turned 65 last 2012. Happy Birthday Mr. Festival!

Cannes and chic lifestyle come hand in hand. It’s the most prestigious film festival in the world, because you can only attend Le Festival International du Film de Cannes by invitation: get yours here. This festival started in the 1930’s -let’s remember cinema is a French invention- but it wasn’t until the end of WWII that it became international and to be held regularly.

Cannes Film Festival is a massive gathering where celebrities get tons of awareness so don’t be surprised to see them walking up and down the boulevard or having a bite in any of the fancy restaurants the French Riviera can offer. Out of competition, Cannes offers many interesting sections, such as Un Certain Regard, where films from every culture in the world find their place or Cannes Classics, where antique films are restored and show in all their grandeur. If you also want to increase your knowledge on the matter, best directors and filmmakers give masterclasses during the festival.

Venice, Berlin or Cannes? Each film festival offers a different shade of the industry for us to dream. Pick one -or all of them- and enjoy!

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