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By Sergio González | 13:34

You’ll never be wrong with a classic teddy bear

Have you already decided the gifts for your family, friends and colleagues? If not, you can get by with almost anything seemingly expensive or edgy, but don’t try to convey that behavior on children, you won’t fool them and remember, they are allowed to speak their minds.  

You’ll have to put in bigger efforts for your kids- or nieces, or nephews…- pay attention to what they like, consider the impact on their education -and their parents’ opinion- to finally find yourself lost in some department store for kids crying for adult help.

You could go all along this painful way or you could read this post and find out what toys kids are expecting for this 2012 Christmas. We’ve got you covered! 

Remember something you always wanted when you were a kid? To be an adult? Wearing your mom’s shoes or driving you dad’s car? It still happens, though now kids want their parents’ high-tech gadgets as Christmas games.

The iPad is king for grown-ups as LeapPad2 is for kids under 13. A cartoon’s version, yet it features two cameras and 4 GB of memory to fill it with tons of down-loadable apps and games. They come in several versions and prices will vary a lot so allow yourself a little time to compare before making your purchase, they aren’t cheap.

Another learning tab which will also enhance kid’s right brain hemisphere is Innotab 2. It features a cool art studio and decent video and music players for your children to become painters and musicians as they learn from educational apps, which they choose but won’t be downloaded until you press OK on your smartphone.

If you want your kids’ jaws to drop to the floor -and are lucky enough to find one- Wii U is definitely the best present for this Christmas. Connectivity among other players and among your Wii U and your other gadgets upscales the experience to a whole new concept in video gaming which will surely have kids and parents fighting for its control, or not?

And guess who’s hopping on the i revolution? Furby! Yes, that needy furry being unable to speak a single word of English until you loved and taught him. He’s back and although he now comes with an app to help you translate Furbish, he only speaks iOS.

Furry and stuffed animals are always a success among the youngest but if you want you present to be fail-proof, it should be alive and known. Sesame’s toys are speaking and giggling more than ever and are the top toys for Christmas, due respect to Master Moves Mickey.

Monster High dolls are going to swep this Christmas 2012

Do you like Grey’s Anatomy? Well, children want to play doctors too, but not 80’s Operation. They want to help Doc McStuffins doll, from Disney’s TV series, make teddy bears and cute little lambs feel better.

Long it’s been the time we see cartoons brought to life into toys and it won’ts stop. Chances are if have girls you’ve heard of Monsters High -the school play-set is a blockbuster- and if you have boys, Skylanders are surely on their play station. Get Skylanders Giants for them because -attention aunt Mary and dad’s friend from work- the collectionable figures can be actually played on the video game. The brand-new web shooting Spider-Man figure it’s also a wise move, as classic dinosaurs/monsters or big vehicles.

Lego has two suggestions that are rooting in Santa’s wish list. Combining traditional Lego pieces and a board game inspired by The Hobbit they plan to conquer boys’ hearts while pinkish softer pieces have been marketed for girls as Lego Friends.

Whether inspired by new popular TV shows or old toys revisited, technology copes the world of top toys for Christmas as much as it does for grown-ups. If you want to be the responsible gift-giver and present your nephew a wooden eco-friendly toy go ahead, kids are into green, but be sure it has a microchip anywhere inside. 

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