Unique services you’ll only find at nhow hotels

By Sergio González | 12:21

nhow hotels are the result of a creative effort that never stops, which can inspire us to be a little more out-of-the-box and join our creative peers. Today, we would like to share with you some of the exclusive services you get only at nhows. Enjoy with caution!

Let’s say you love music, that you are like many of us and that and some point in your life you travelled hundreds of miles to watch your favorite band in concert. Let’s say you learnt how to play music when you were a child and it became your favorite hobby.

Let’s not just say, but actually enjoy the guitar service at nhow Berlin. Room service traditionally brings food and drinks to your room door, but at nhow Berlin nothing is traditional. A 24/7 room service offering a Gibson guitar and a keyboard for you to rock your sleep. If you need some inspiration, Eric Clapton or Sheryl Crow are famous Gibson guitar players.

It couldn’t have happened any other way, so meeting rooms in nhow Berlin offer the latest technology in digital screens and major projection as well as a sound system worthy of nhow Berlin. Music related services at nhow Berlin include an open mic night that is becoming too popular lately -arrive soon if you want a chance to sing it out-, two professional recording studios and a sound floor with the most amazing effects and outstanding design.

There are other unique services available at nhow Berlin, like taking home some of inimitable Karim Rashid’s designs. Fancy the pink retro telephone? Take it back with you. Don’t miss this and other exclusive promotions that are always going on at nhow Berlin.

As the newest addition to nhow family, nhow Rotterdam was born with some features of its elder siblings, but by no means it’s the best service nhow Rotterdam can offer; here we’ll be assisted by the great work of nature.

Views over the city and the ocean from this already iconic hotel in De Rotterdam building are becoming a trending topic, but few know about horizon suite, or the exclusive chance to watch the sunrise and sunset from a room that’s actually two.

nhow Rotterdam is also the right place for party-goers and late night dancers. Partying is huge in the Netherlands and it’s home to some of the most cool and exclusive clubs and events in Europe; now you can party every Saturday till late at the exclusive nhow Rotterdam rooftop terrace. Bar and kitchen service open accordingly until the DJs call it a night; or a day.

nhow Milan can be admired and appreciated for many reasons but we are going all meta and the most exclusive service we pick from it is exclusivity itself.

IKEA makes beautiful, affordable furniture, and Youtube lets us know we all end up buying. Van der Rohe was one of the best designers in the 20th century; his Barcelona chair is one of the most copied furniture ever. Exclusivity, the chance to watch, feel and experience unique designer art and furniture by the hands of masters like Marco Thun, Andrea Salvetti or Steven Blaess only to be found at nhow Milan. Exclusive enough as to lure Brad Pitt, Rihanna or Edward Norton into the nhow suite. Feel like joining the guest list?

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