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By Sergio González | 12:10

Nicole Tomazi’s creation or when a fashion desginer falls for geometry

So you can name several Le Corbusier master pieces and Scandinavian classic designers’ names aren’t that hard for you to pronounce. Good job, but isn’t time for an update? Dazzle your friends at dinner parties and any art event dropping these names of the best designers alive. Safe, sound and designing. 

Trained as an engineer in King’s College, the British-German designer Moritz Waldemeyer’s name may mean nothing to you, but perhaps you remember the Hand over to the Rio closing ceremony of London Olympics 2012, and the LED powered costumes: all his creation.

Moritz Waldemeyer is the new kind of designer that is combining many different disciplines to create new and surprising design ideas. Yes, it seems the ‘everything has already been designed’ statement is not that well written in stone.

Moritz started as an engineer and his first job for Philips lighting division made a huge impact in his career, though if you feel like, you can also consider him a fashion designer. His LED hats and gowns for Philip Treacy’s catwalk in London Fashion Week 2012 were all the rage. 

As every other piece of haute couture, Waldemeyer’s LED fabrics are not meant to be worn to the office or to pick up your kids, but they are very popular amongst pop music stars. Will.I.am, Leona Lewis, Mika or Rihanna are among the ones that believe in Waldemeyer as the fashion designer they need to light up their shows.

But his powerful innovative Tron-inspired creations are getting everybody interested, not just music stars, and brands like Dom Perignon, Microsoft, Swarovski or Audi have trusted Waldemeyer to create amazing performing shows for their products.

We usually regard design as a shallow thing, as if not every single thing in our lives needed a design to become real, though this is exactly one of the key features to talk about a successful design; the better an object integrates with the environment and the users it’s meant for, the more accurate it is.

Nicole Tomazi is one of the greenest blossoms in Brazilian design since Oscar Niemeyer and the perfect example of a conscious designer. In her web site, she acknowledges that poverty and high unemployment in Brazil shaped her designs to fit people in these vulnerable situations

Among her most celebrated pieces, we find the crochet-inspired Fractal Collection of furniture she released in 2012, but she was put on the designers’ map after her ‘Christmas of Transformation’ project in 2011. She and her team developed whole Christmas decorations from PET plastic bottles to a southern Brazilian city. Watch what can be accomplished with some wit and goodwill.

On the basis of many poor designs that aren’t meant to last, the Irish product designer Jane Ní Dhulchaointigh started working with silicones. 10 years later, after many errors and hard tests, Sugru -silicon rubber that reminds us of modeling clay- became real, and the world is excited about it. Sugru means a lot of new ideas actually, and it allows you to go think outside the box and become the trendy designer of your choice.

Photo credit: Bontempo


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