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By Sergio González | 11:20

Group of participants in the Sprint Project

Today we are meeting David, Kevin, Wellington, Odei and Rebeca, five young Spaniards whose lives are about to change thanks to a long-term CSR commitment. 

The past 8th of October NH Hoteles, with its charity partners Fundación Tomillo and the Barclays Foundation signed a cooperation agreement to offer real job opportunities at our hotels for young Spanish people at risk of social exclusion, please let us introduce you to our Sprint Project.

 The Sprint project, which forms part of the company’s “Up! For Opportunities” Community Involvement initiative, is an international programme that provides training and work experience at our establishments for young people facing social exclusion. NH Hoteles offered a one-year employment contract for kitchen staff at some of its hotels in Germany and Austria to five young people selected by Fundación Tomillo.

This new initiative is born partly from NH Hoteles’ need to cover job positions with qualified staff at its German and Austrian hotels, but is also intended to tackle downward spiralling unemployment among young people in Spain. It represents a socially-responsible alliance between NH Hoteles, Fundación Tomillo and Barclays Foundation in which each party is contributing its resources: employment, training and financing, respectively.

Fundación Tomillo selected among its cooking course students, the best-trained and experienced young people – currently out of work, who received over 180 hours of theoretical and practical culinary training in German in order to improve their technical and language skills. All this to guarantee their successful integration into their future job positions.

In turn, Barclays Foundation, as part of its commitment to enhancing employability, has provided economic support for all the logistics abroad and a basic financial course. This is the first group of youths, but there is a commitment with the Barclays Foundation and Fundación Tomillo of 15 youths joining the programme in Europe in 2013.

This is how David, Kevin, Wellington, Odei and Rebeca – whose ages range from 18 to 30, are now at the exciting cities of Munich and Vienna. And they are not alone. They have the support from both Barclays volunteers, who are helping them settle-in on arrival, and also NH volunteers at their hotels who will be their mentors along this experience.

 Excitement and a strong desire to start working are the emotions bursting inside the chest of these Spaniards who are ready to face with passion this new professional challenge.

During the following weeks, David will learn to master the skills of a waiter from Sarah Ridel in NH München Dornach and so will Wellington but in NH München Deutscher Kaiser under the guidance of Alvaro Molina. Wellington believes “it’s a very good opportunity to start a better life”.

Kevin seems to have a discerning palate for  good food so he’ll get embarked on the kitchens to become a souschef  if Reynaldo Bazan, his tutor at always busy NH München Airport hotel, can get Kevin to learn fast. He thinks that “only good things can come from Sprint”.

Odei and Rebeca will cook every bite with passion inside our kitchen. Odei will join the guys in Munich learning the arts from Marta Gonzalez at NH München Neue Messe. Rebeca will travel to the magnificent Vienna to see the best know-hows at NH Vienna Airport hotel from expert Manfredo Eberle. Rebeca sees it pretty clear “I’d be glad to stay here, it’s a perfect opportunity to live in a foreign culture and learn a new language”.

Group of participants in the Sprint Project in front of NH HotelesOnce again, thanks to all the NH staff for their immediate and committed response when asked to train and help their future workmates find a place in a new country. Hopefully, by the end of the experience, they’ll have learned enough German,it seems a hard language for Latin speakers they say. All of them agree encouraging other young people at risk of social exclusion to join this kind of CSR programs because although it’s a little hard, it’s a great opportunity for our future.

Marta Martín, VP of Corporate Responsibility at NH Hoteles states. “At NH Hoteles, as a responsible company, we strive to offer young people new career paths within the tourism sector and we believe that this job recruitment scheme in Central Europe is an excellent opportunity to gain employment alongside our employees and expand horizons”.

The NH Sprint Project as part Up! for Opportunities social action program already grants 5  one-year contracts in our hotels in Central Europe and is planning to expand to other locations where we operate and with vacancies to be covered.

Keep up with us to find about our next programs and opportunities!


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