Urban adaptation

By Sergio González | 12:35
Mediterranian style skateboarding

Mediterranean style skateboarding


We are defined by our ability to adapt. The only specie in our planet that inhabits and thrives in any single climate and surface are us humans.

Cities haven’t stopped growing since 20th century and today are our main environment. As we grow surrounded by concrete and neon lights instead of farm-animals and clean riverbanks, we find our feet smashing the urban ground with our fashion pair of sneackers and parkouring walls.

The origins of skateboarding is a perfect example of this adaptability. Surfers bored of waiting for the sea to get rough enough shifted the waves off the coast of California -around 70 years back- for the endless miles of concrete in LA. At that time -and still nowadays for retro lovers- boogying through the town was known as sidewalk surfing.

Adding applied engineering and all sorts of board-length and materials to conquer every surface, it has flooded the world with passionate skaters and enthusiasts evolving to build a whole urban culture around it. Skateboarding as a sport and lifestyle have become so popular that we all know what it’s about.

If you’re looking for some tournaments and events, check this out. And if following the trend is your thing, leave that dusty 80’s vert ramp and hit the town.

Fueled by the same desire for freedom and physical training, rollerblading was born in-line. 1983, the same year GPS was announced to be open to public useallowing you today to look for the closest spots– saw two brothers living in cold Minnesota develop an in-line skate to practise off-season hockey.

The idea was caught on by its fellow hockey players early on but it wasn’t spreading, the design had serious flaws. The Olsen borthers sold Rollerblade Inc. to the skis manufacturer Nordica, whose experienced designers applied fiberglass and rear brakes. The success of Lightning TRS was so huge that the company name  has become a genericized trademark.

Regarding the dued safety measures, almost any urban surface is ready to be bladed. Sliding over benches and handrails without falling to the ground better be leaft to a pro but a run by any scenic coast helps you get fit with no harm to your joints.


Progression of Alain Robert, the French spiderman

The trend in urban sports is going as extreme as your personal appreciation for body integrity allows. Freestylers and agressive inliners amaze audiences with dangerous turns and tricks.  The Aussies are the leaders in action sports providing tons of crossover sports and refreshing ideas –check this new creation for swing boarding. I can’t wait to ride it!

Have you leaped over a cliff hanging on a deltaplane yet? Maybe you have already let yourself go jumping from a plane praying for the parachute to open? Well, step it up a knotch and try climbing your city’s new landmark skyscraper. The excitement of the rise will be followed by the rush of adrenaline running away from the police –buildering is obviously forbidden without the proper permission.

Photo credit: Oh-Barcelona.com

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