Valencia Disseny Week, NH and Arts together again

By Sergio González | 10:13

Valencia Disseny Week fourth edition has been once again a complete success.

From the 18th to the 22nd September, more than one hundred conferences and round tables for professionals but also exhibits, design routes around the city and big events for visitors and art enthusiasts have gained the awareness design made in Valencia deserves.

One of these major events has been the contemporary art exhibit Le Nouveau design en France d’influence Decó where the most avant-garde artists and designers from France have showed their interdisciplinar incredible skills, supported once again by NH.

We had the chance to meet some of the artists and producers who shook design sphere at VDW. Let’s listen about contemporary art.

We sat down with Ismael Chappaz, visible head along Juanma Menero of Tactelgraphics, a multidisciplinar studio chosen to comission this exhibit.

Ismael, tell us something about you.

Tactelgraphics is a multidisciplinar studio from Valencia specialized in cross-media projects. We started timidly as a photography and designing studio but we’ve been evolving towards contemporary art. One and half year ago we open a street-side studio and our own art gallery, Espaitactel.

We’ve recently joined the local contemporary art association –Asociación de Galerías de Arte Contemporáneo de la Comunitat Valenciana– what has helped us enter many art exhibits. We are also members of the local designers association board of directors.

These official collaborations have raised enough attention about our work for MuVim Museum to be interested in our studio.

How did Le Nouveau design en France d’Influence Decó come to life?

Me and Juanma proposed inviting a country to Valencia Disseny Week, following the cosmopolitan footsteps of Arco, Madrid’s meeting with contemporary art. We wanted to give the Design Week a dynamic rhythm, looking to set a defined project at this new level.

We chose our French neighbours and we got in touch with Remuald from creative agency Monsieur L’Agent since we were really interested in three cutting-edge artists he manages: Ill Studio, So-Me and Leslie David.

We had to find a common link between them and Valencia, a connecting thread for the exhibit. The very city showed us the way.

Design in Valencia was defined in the late 20’s, also the time graphic design was being born. During this time the most influential art style of 20th century was being shaped, art decó.

During the 70’s, Arts saw a revival of art nouveau, the former main style. The next decade, when postmodernism coped arts and architecture as a modern revival of art decó, brings us the connection.

When we started our training as designers, back in 2001, postmodernism was being rescued. We have to understand that art styles are cyclic, just like fashion industry is. In fact, there’re people who make a living out of predicting next evolutions and trends.

This is what we were looking for at New French Design influenced by Decó exhibit. Artists between 30 and 40 who drink from these cyclic decó sources, something almost unavoidable given the high influence of these two styles all along 20th century.

Cayetano, from Mondolirondo, tell us about the first meeting of his event planner agency with contemporary art.

Mondolirondo is a very well known event planner agency used to work with clients from fashion world such as Miu Miu, Rolex or Prada. We like exploring new horizons and possibilites, so we decided to venture into this new art field given the importance of the artists and the commisions participating in Valencia Disseny Week.

Mondolirondo sailed off with Nh Hoteles, Air Europa, Heineken and other sponsors to open Valencia Disseny Week to the world last Septmeber 18th at a glamorous party that ended in MuVim press room with almost 500 guests enjoying art and dancing at the rhythm of Midnight Dj’s until sunrise.

Léonard Vernhet co-founder of Ill Studio

Between exhibits, we took advantage of a break to know what Léonard co-founder Ill Studio, and Romuald, from Monsieur L’Agent, think about the exhibit and Valencia.

Léonard, which are your sources of inspiration?

We like the idea of mixing influences from every field. Create concepts, ideas or images blending cultural references or things that, at first sight, have nothing in common. We love mixing popular culture with contemporary art to musical or architectural  references.

Do you use Internet or social media?

Internet is very interesting for us.

We get tons of inspiration from the pop culture uploaded by everybody: blogs, crazy sites, random stupid videos, animated gifs and so many others. We appreciate Internet folklore in our work.

Personally, I dont’ really use social media. I would really like to be connected as everybody else but don’t really take time for it. 

It’s different for the studio because I share it with many artists. We do communicate on Facebook -which is very rich in terms of information and live updates- because it’s just the normal thing to do today.

How is it working for your studio? Did you see yourselves here ten years back?

Ten years ago I wanted to do the job I’m doing now, although it always can get better (Leonard).

So am I. I think I have the best job I can imagine (Romuald).

Romuald tells us about his job as a creative agent.

I try to find new jobs for my team, for the creative people that are represented by the studio: photographers, art directors, artists, graphic designers…I try to keep up with their work and evolution to help them with anything they may need.

It’s really interesting because they are so different projects from each other that there’s always something new to deal with but they’re also so many that it would be very hard for me to sum them up.

Best & worst parts?

The beginning of projects is both, because it’s always exciting but messy, lots of things await to be put in place.

Also, when you are engaged in a good job, the best moment is when you get a big fat check. It’s an important part of art business after all.

Addressing money and art.

We are a passionate studio and I think we are not focused on money, but in art.

We could make more money but it would imply a more aseptic approach to his job. I really want to feel passion for what I do so it makes me happy to think I have found the balance between making a living and enjoying my work.

Artists you’re representing here.

I know them for a long time because I’ve been in this business for a long time and I know quite a few people in the art world from the time I had my own gallery.

All the artists in the agency are linked by us and by our common taste. It’s a natural connection, we don’t try forcing any relationship.

Any upcoming projects?

Yeah, lots of.

In big lines, right now we are making music videos, catalogue design and other projects with clients like Lacoste or Louis Vuitton for example.

We’re working on a personal book of the studio as well. We invite a lot of people we know: photographers, artists, journalists, choreographers…people from many different fields who collaborate in this self-published bookof ill Studio.

Most of the pieces exhibited at Nouveau Design Show are personal work, but we don’t consider ourselves artists. We try to find a balance between these endeavors and the commissioned projects, which we also try to make personal but within the frame provided by the client.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Yes, that we really enjoyed Valencia. Our visit has been a very pleasant experience so far and we’re really looking forward to see more of the city.



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