Vienna, chilling on the city beach

By Sergio González | 12:31

‘Sand in the City’ bring the beach and all its activities to Vienna every year

If we were playing that little game that wants you to say the first word that comes to your mind after listening to another single word, all odds are ‘sea’ would be on many people’s response to ‘beach’, yet every single dictionary in the English language will tell you that a beach needs any ‘body of water’, not necessarily a sea or an ocean.

At least that is what many people in Central Europe seem to think because as soon as temperatures rise, those who are lucky enough to live by the romantic -and huge- Danube River hit its beaches.

Vienna couldn’t be understood without the Danube; everything in here turns around the old frontier of the Roman Empire and during the summer that means swimming and diving into Europe’s second longest river.

Keeping on with our playing, if we say ‘Vienna’, ‘beautiful monuments’ and ‘classic art’ are very likely to be on the tip of your tongue. And you are right because everything around the Danube is charmingly beautiful, starting by the natural park around its banks, Prater. There’s a centennial Ferris Wheel in Prater Park, a symbol for Vienna and where to get the best panoramic views of the town.

Every year around late June, Vienneses slowly start gathering around Danube Island, caught between the original river and the New Danube (Neue Donau in German), a canal built to provide Vienna with a flood relief.

Ask around town for Donauinsel and local will point you to an island more than 12 miles long but just several hundred feet wide where bars, nightclubs and restaurants will be used to describe it. Besides claiming its beaches to be the best with some proud yet mocking the exotic decor; locals refer to it as the Copa Cagrana, because it’s a Brazilian beach in the middle of Kagran disctrict.

Donauinselfest, the largest open-air festival in Europe

Austrians love nature so much they really want to get in touch with it and there are several nude beaches to be found in the Danube Island, on North and South extremes.

Don’t forget to ask for a Spritzer, the traditional Austrian summer cocktail made of white wine -red is also fine- and sparkling water or soda, whether bitter, original recipe, or sweetened, its much more famous and demanded as an aperitif or just to quench your thirst.

On this island, every June the Donauinselfest takes place, the biggest open air festival in Europe, with more than three million visitors, looking for music, street theatre and all kinds of performing arts plus an incredibly delicious international food fair. All sorts of deliciousness ahead. You’d better book in advance because Vienna reaches 100% of occupancy during the Donauinselfest.

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And for food lovers -I guess we all are in one way or another- don’t despair; welcome to Naschmarkt, the ‘city’s stomach’. The largest market in Vienna has been opening from Mondays to Saturdays since its foundation in the 18th century. Choose a clear sunny morning and drop off in to enjoy international food and drinks, from Persia, Greece or far China. Perfect place to have a coffee break on your way to Lothringerstraße 22, where every year from April to September, ‘Sand in the City’ happens.

Tons of sand are dropped in this venue, creating a land-locked beach in a land-locked country. It’s the perfect spot to practise beach volley-ball, order some cocktails and swim in some of its swimming galores. Enjoy Vienna and the summer all together!

Photo credit: thomas ktacsic

Photo credit: korom


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