We can’t get enough! 10 things we love about Spring

By Sergio González | 11:54

For the last couple of days we’ve been finally experiencing some warm weather in Europe and one of the first things we feel like doing when temperatures get milder is renovate our wardrobe. Fashion’s new arrivals are hot, and number one on our top 10 things we love about Spring.

You think the 90’s were the best and you are right because finally fashion designers have taken notice. Maybe it was Rihanna stylists the first ones to get this trend on when they get her ready for Rude Boy video clip in 2010 but we’ve seen other music and fashion trend setters like Gaga wearing acid fluorescent prints and torn jeans but also pulling off some Versace dresses from this golden age.

If you live opposite a concrete building in a busy street, you’d better not be nosey in any case, there’s no better way to welcome spring rather than opening the windows and letting fresh air in. Time for renovation! #2, open windows!

Our #3, Swimming-pools! No matter if it’s isn’t hot enough yet, sun rays strike hard and we can’t wait to jump in. Check out the infinity pool at  Grand Hotel Convento di Amalfi! 

#4 is the beach, of course! We’ve been waiting for a whole super long winter and it’s about time we have a piece of the sun-kissed waters, better with a Daiquiri by your side. 

#5, Spring Break offers! The warmer the weather, the more willing we are to go outside, travel and see the world. Enjoy your free time without wearing out your wallet with NH Spring Break Offers, still on!

Relaxing outside. #6 but it should be the top on our list. Well, yeah it’s something you can do anytime of the year if you descend from the all-mighty vikings but it’s the right time for ordinary people like us. It’s also a perfect moment to start your Spanish lessons by practicing the ‘siesta’.

#7, Spring flowers, the best thing in the world. Enjoy up-scale Nature’s perfume and allow it to make you dream of a greener post-industrial world.

Love, love, love is #8! We already know spring love is a chemical reaction linked with astronomic phenomena but hey, does it make it any cooler? Love is great, for everybody!

#9, new TV shows and the so-much-expected-and-waited-for new seasons of our favorite series. Among this 2013 spring premieres we find interesting proposals such as Sinbad, the famous Persian sailor, Hannibal or Da Vinci’s Demons, where the life of the greatest Renaissance genius will be unveiled.

#10, Sports playoffs. During spring most sports end their season with huge shows and the excitement of guessing the winner and watching the best players in action, whether professional or amateur.



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