Weird and dangerous sports around the world

By Sergio González | 12:07

Brompton-bikes suit race at UK. New king of weird sports?

“Do you like the speed and tactics of basketball? Do you enjoy a soccer match so much as to become a hooligan? Well, this isn’t for you. Today we are talking about the weirdest sports in the world, dangerous and crazy as the imagination of their creators.

When thinking about Canada, the first sport that comes to mind must be related to ice, their truly fair ground. From now on they can be related to orchards as well. And it’s just because they love making new uses for their giant pumpkins.

They carve these out to race away their rivers and lakes during summer-time regattas. You only get to use one pumpkin so be careful how much you empty it out or the crust will crash throwing your body into the cold waters of Lake Pezaquid.

Finnish society is one of the most fair and equal among the globe but they seem to enjoy behaving as foolish as the rest of us. The national weird sport is wife carrying. The goal is simple, crossing first the line holding your wife on top of your shoulders, embracing her or the way you both consider the best to avoid the 15 seconds penalty in case of dropping her.

Rooted in war training for soldiers who were supposed to steal enemy’s women from conquered villages, the modern version admits any relation between both contestants to beat the 800 feet obstacles track. The prize? Your beloved partner’s weight in beer!

Cheese race at Copper Hills, Wales

 Don’t play with your food! That’s something many of us have heard from our mothers when we were kids. In Coppers Hills, Gloucestershire, the kids have won the trifle over their mums.

Every Spring a Double Gloucester cheese is thrown down a hill of 45 degrees inclination expecting to be chased by bold cheese lovers. Harmless? Well, check out these folks’ falls and turns and tell me if it’s not one of the most dangerous sports in the world.

One could tell local sports in UK enjoy a cheesy touch.

Why snorkeling in the warm waters of the Red Sea when you can do it under your neighbors’ bog? Who wants to see marvelous and colorful fishes and delicate anemone instead of getting a mouthful of reeds from bog snorkeling in Wales?

Maybe you do? 60 yards of muddy-waters are waiting your swimming skills in Llanwrtyd at the world championship of bog snorkelling.

In Afghanistan and other countries of Central Asia buzkashi is still played nowadays. Maybe the oldest sport in the world, it was surely the most loved by Genghis Kahn and his horde of Mongols.

As if it were a butcher’s polo game, two teams ride horses run egging on each other over a beheaded gout. The rules are still to be written –pushing down your rivals is acceptable at any time- so the excitement and danger are guaranteed.

Actually, we love weird sports -check out the links to notice how they’re becoming the most popular sports in the world.”

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Photo Credit: Mike Warren 




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