What to eat now: Food trends in 2013

By Sergio González | 11:16

Aguas Frescas is the new Margarita, the trendiest drink for 2013

Not even food can get away from the reach of the almighty and willful fashion, so here are the food trends of the season plus how we are behaving towards food in 2013.

‘Healthy’ and ‘fresh’ is at an all time high, even in restaurant decoration. We want to eat healthier when dining out and we also want it to feel more natural so indoor gardening is becoming a thing in Australia. Plus, a tree inside a windowed room will always be the cutest.

Paleo diet and ancient grains (barley, millet, quinoa, farro…) are gaining popularity but this is also the year for the Mediterranean diet, that has proven to be the most long-term trusted diets since the 90’s and boomed in 2010 when UNESCO granted it the status of Intangible Cultural Heritage. Gourmet Spanish and Italian traditional cold cuts and sausages are all the rage and Forbes thinks olive oil is finally making it in American kitchens.

If we look inside the industry, the common place for 2013 cooking fairs and shows is local food and arts and crafts instead of processed meals. The underline goes for quality, eco friendly food and that’s a trend we all should want to relate to.

However, millennials are pulling from the other side of the shopping basket. Visits to restaurants keep going down and with few cooking skills, pre-processed meals are up, as is going to solo dinners. On the bright side, this opens a new market opportunity for fresher healthier pre-cooked foods.

With all the disturbing news coming from the meat processing allowed by some fast food companies, going back to the old-well-tested techniques is all the rage and smoking meat and fish, the most promising trend.

Different kinds of wood mean exciting new smoky-hot flavors for chicken, veal, tuna and everything you like, even vegetables. There’s an estimation of 100,000 tree species so imagine the possibilities while you purchase responsible wood.

Humus and guacamole finally made it on the online scene in 2013, as our urge to taste these refreshing healthy treaties pushed them up to be among the most Googled recipes during the summer. Breaking ‘the rules’ and making humus in Autumn can also make it tastier.

Forget moerdnist cuisine, Humus is the food trend that won’t go away

Mexican food is reaching new peaks of popularity as we slowly discover that is not all about cheap nachos and margaritas. Aguas Frescas is the new hot trendy drink you should try.

There are so many this-is-the-new-cupcake claims that it has lost its meaning but if we had to bet, we would go for cronuts -based on its viralness and number of imitators- and fig cookies, that will never be that popular, but could peak as we see the cast from Game of Thrones devour these new Turkish delights in season four.

Japanese chefs have been relying on seaweed to replace crops and add new notes to food since the rise of times, and though they tried to share this passion with the world in the 90s, it didn’t catch on. We just needed our time and to go local. Worldwide chefs are looking for wild food to bring new flavors, so foraging the Atlantic is here to stay.

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