When you think about traveling, think about NH!

By Sergio González | 11:08

When it comes to buying a new high-tech gadget, we all know American software still tops the list and Asian countries produce the most reliable smartphones and flat TVs. When it comes to tourism, Spain is the leading voice we all should be listening to.

Surely there’s plenty to improve and issues still to be addressed properly inside Spanish tourism industry, like the pollution its activity generates, and there are other countries which are performing outstandingly, but talking about quality standards, few places in the world can brag as much as Spain.

And the reason, yet complex, is straight: Spain thrives on tourism. It’s the leading economic engine of the country and we take good note of it. A bad review of a restaurant or a hotel is taken with the depth of a matter of state.

Besides, the hotel rating system is not an international standard and there are few subtle differences that eventually turn out to make your stay good or excellent. Suffice to say, the Spanish hotel rating system is among the toughest

Already established the high quality of the Spanish tourism industry, it shouldn’t come to a surprise it’s NH Hoteles, leading hospitality company in all that matters, including obviously your ratings.

NH Hoteles, with over 400 hotels in 26 countries, is awarded year after year by MERCO, an independent organism that monitors corporations’ behavior, as the hotel chain in Spain with the best reputation and also the only one among the most responsible companies. This last award looks for community contribution, rightful staff management and green policies and measures.

Being responsible towards our environment, of every kind, is something that forms part of NH Hoteles, it’s been so since the very birth of the company, but it’s always nice for others to notice and acknowledge. We are really flattered and thankful. 

But we wouldn’t be fair if we didn’t properly thank our guests, who rely on us time after time for their holidays and business trips, and who also help us improve everyday. We are proud to stand behind our objectives to make sure we deliver, we care, we make things easy, we have the ability to surprise.  

Make plans for what’s left of summer! Whether it be Madrid, Berlin, Rome, The Hague & many more! Discover the best urban destinations with NH Hoteles and enjoy up to a 25% discount. 


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