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By Courtney Imel | 15:59

2013 Startup Bus Competition Finals

Tuesday, 29 October the semifinals was happening at Wayra, Munich. A battle with 4 buses all trying to win that seat for the finals.

After a great opening talk by Elias Bizannes the group of 16 teams split up in 2 groups of 8. The UK bus and the Benelux bus were selected to battle against each other. Germany versus France was the other power struggle between the best of the best.

 8 teams had 4 minutes to pitch the app to the crowd and an astound the jury. 

After each pitch the jury had the opportunity to ask questions. Most of the questions are regarding market, scalability and business model. For a lot of teams it was hard to answer these questions. But remember that these companies only exists for 48 hours.

The Benelux bus has 4 teams on their bus. A travel app Unplanned which is going to conquer the business travel space. It is promising to be your new local friend when you are in a particular city. They are up against LOL, which stands for Learnings from Life. A tech startup that is providing a platform which is so genius that it makes it possible for everyone to create their own courses and they started to build their own Proof Of Concept StartupGarage which will show the world what their platform can do.

The bus also has a startup that is pursuing a vision where people with a depression no longer use papers to register emotions and feelings. Aiden is improving the way people with depression offer the possibility to reclaim their lives after the sickness.

Last but not least there is Eyedia. An application that wants to curate your daily content and offers it in a visual way instead of text based. They believe that it will save time and you will remember visual better then text.


After 8 pitches of 4 minutes and with jury firing questions at them for 4 minutes, we could enjoy a wonderful meal at Wayra. When the jury came back with their decision everybody was very excited.

From Munich it was straight through to Vienna. A 5 hour drive without long stops. 4 buses slept at NH Danube in Vienna where they had their last good sleep before the Pioneers Festival finals.

Today, 30 October excitement and last minute preparations at our NH Danube City this morning while the teams prepare for their last chance to go to the finals thanks to the Wild Card.

This competition is the teams last chance to win a spot in the Pioneers Festival and it involves all the projects that have not passed the semifinals. It’s a different format in which the projects have 30 seconds to convince the jury, if in those 30 seconds any jury gives a thumbs down, the project will be automatically disqualified. After, an additional 4 minutes will be given to present the project and the winners will go to the Pioneers Festival.

A huge congratulations went to the Spanish team for winning the Road Competition for the Ask for a Concert project and the UK team for the Done It project. The Wild Card challenge winners were: Hive from UK, Unplanned from Holand and My Angel from Italy! 

Way to go! 



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