Where will you go in 2014?

By Sergio González | 10:24

Have you ever been to Paris, New York, London and Dubai? Even to Tokyo and Rio de Janerio? Then you are an awesome traveller and yours is a wanderlust level to be jealous about. If you haven’t, we hope you are reading this post on your tablet or smartphone while killing some time before the plane takes off, because our awesome planet is waiting for you!

Every city, region and country has a lot to offer for world travellers, but they always outstand at something that makes them special and worth traveling every single mile. Let’s see what we can do this 2014!

Expected to become the next great touristic destination, Africa still bears some crosses she no longer should. The UN, ONGs and scholars like Hans Rosling and his popular TED talks on Africa are trying hard for us to see that our idea of them is way outdated. Some modern African nations are reaching child mortality or education levels as we have in the Western side of the world.

South Africa, Botswana or Namibia also boast about healthy and thriving economies, and tourism is to blame. The ravaging, wild beauty of southern African rain forests, the life-changing safari experiences on the Savannah and the natural joie de vivre displayed by locals will soon conquer you if they haven’t already. Hakuna Matata!

Before the last barrel of oil leaves the Persian Gulf, the cluster of nations that are settled in the Arabian Peninsula have planned to shift their economies to tourism and every other thing relating modernity and magnificence. Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Kuwait are becoming modern-day Arabian dreams that seemed fuelled by the never-ending magic from the genie in the bottle.

Pearls of white concrete, glass and steel grow till megalithic proportions surrounded by the hottest and driest lands on Earth, these cities are often regarded as a monument to excess. However, according to some climate change projections, they could become a future Garden of Eden.

Australia and New Zealand have played a unique role in the world since the moment they split away from the rest of continents. Oceania is so isolated that even evolution took a different path, which we often find adorable and weird. Let’s all remember koalas!

Australia was the last land to be inhabited by human beings and we can say we’re still on it. Population density in Australia is virtually non-existent so if you want to get lost among the wildest, yet most astounding scenery on Earth in 2014, here is where you should head to. Let Uluru guide you to find/lose yourself in the Outback or explore the unknown lands of New Zealand neither the Elves nor Gandalf have been to.

It’s impossible not to breathe history around when you are visiting Europe. In countries like Spain, Italy, UK, France or Germany almost every village boasts of a castle or an old church worth visiting; needless to mention the cities we all want to visit are here. They have all the things we want to see, which is the best and the worst of Europe. A five-hour line to Versailles? A 12€ cappuccino in Venice?

To avoid crowds and travel in time, Peru should be your destination this 2014. The Inca Empire created Machu Picchu and many other wonders you can discover as they were intended through the Inca Trail. A two-week hiking journey through the jungle and the highest mountains in America are totally worth the pain and poor accommodation. Hurry up because Peru has taken off and tourism will soon be massive!

You don’t need any particular reason to visit the USA because they have them all covered. New York is most people’s preferred destination in the country and despite all the monuments, sights and visits we love it because it’s the perfect place to do fun stuff until you can’t do any more. Having food that our favourite stars had, a Broadway show or watching a game at the Madison Square Garden is enough to visit and love NY for some more decades…

Gangman style made worldwide Shauron Eye notice South Korea for its rich popular culture, already a trend in many other Asian countries. China and Japan fight for regional and international tourism with their millennial cultures while South Korea is taking it with pop stars and high-end everything. Not that art and tradition are any less important in Seoul than in Beijing or Kyoto, but the meant-for-everybody touch given by South Koreans is closing the deal.

Antarctica and outer space are the next step for mankind, though a great leap for the tourism industry. Projects like Virgin Space or Mars One are still on the drawing board yet thousands of people have already signed up to be in space or spend their second honeymoon on Mars. Are you ready for what’s to come?

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