Which is your favorite gastronomic destination?

By Sergio González | 10:25

Japan is a prime gastronomy destination

Which city would you go just for its food? Would you travel a thousand miles to have fine fresh seafood in a heavenly island or uncork an old champagne bottle in a stone medieval cellar in France?

Some places in the world can pride themselves for being the hometown of internationally appreciated dishes. Although Chili con Carne or Sushi can be as easily found in Mexico and Japan as in Copenhagen or Bangkok, let’s find about the real deal in these five gastronomic destinations.

Paella is probably one of the first words you learn when you arrive to Spain. The ways to cook this famous and delicious rice dish can vary from one region to another so much that the same recipe will be totally different in flavor, intensity or texture.

If you want to try the original one, your gastronomy destination is Valencia, by the Mediterranean coast.

Valencia offers long sunny beaches, a huge old town, a bohemian quarter full of designers boutiques, restaurants and bars –Barrio del Carmen– and an oath to the future of Arts and Science.

The locals are divided between the traditional Paella Valenciana -cooked with greens, chicken and rabbit- and Paella Marinera, a seafood version adapted from Arròs a banda, an old sailors’ meal.

Don’t trust places that serve Paella at night or under the sun -these are only intended for tourists and quality won’t be outstanding. And for God’s sake, if you spot a microwave, run. Allow yourself some walking around El Carmen and check out the fine dinings chosen by locals.

Across Gibraltar Strait, Morocco holds the recipe for the third most loved dish in the discerning France (in French).

Couscous is a stew of semonola grains, meat -usually lamb or chicken- and all sort of vegetables and peas. Couscous is so common in North Africa gastronomy that it’s the word for meal in some parts of the region.

The trademark of Sahara cuisine is reaching new corners of deliciousness in the hands of nouvelle cuisine Chefs. Dar Moha in Marrakech’s Medina offers the 21st century Couscous.

Original Bellini at Harry's Bar in Venice

Carpaccio has become a popular dish on Italian menus anywhere in the world but if you want to try the original delicate raw beef marinated in olive oil and parmigiano cheese, you’d better book a flight to Venice.

Close to Piazza San Marco, Harry’s Bar was the place chosen by a local woman in the 50’s to order some raw meat, as her doctor had advised her to eat so. Giuseppe Cipriani not only created a soft yet powerful blending of flavors that soon left Italian borders but also the most famous Proseco and peach purée cocktail.

From 10:30 am till 11:00 pm you still can try the original Carpaccio, the only dish named after a painter, or a deliciously authentic Bellini.

British food has always been left aside, out-casted from international haute cuisine and cooking awards. Has anybody ever gone to a British restaurant outside UK?

Luckily, things are changing for the better. If you’re planning a trip to the ever trendy London, have a look -or better a bite- at what the new chefs’ generation is doing to British stoves.

The stress in quality has developed a national awareness that is bringing cool gastropubs to light. Forget about oily chips and stubborn crust over a dry fish. In this fine pubs organic ingredients are selected and treated with respect to produce the new British classics, sophisticated and tastier versions of traditional roast beef or cottage pie.

The city that doesn’t sleep is also the one to offer everything you may need, no matter how fabulous you want it.

Serendipity 3 has become a must gastronomy destination in New York . The exclusive ice-cream menu drags thousands of tourists as well as media stars and politicians to its art nouveau rooms every year. Marilyn Monroe or Andy Warhol are some of the names that were seduced by their chic bizarre.

Their new stravaganza is Frrrozen Haute Chocolate, a sultan’s dream of edible gold and exotic chocolate blends served along extra cold diamonds; a small fortune puts this “outrageously divine” creation away from your lips. Obviously, only under pre-order.

Would you like to eat the most expensive hamburger in the world? They offer a juicy slice of pampered Kobe meat with truffles and caviar a side for less than $300. As expected, the tooth-stick is covered in diamonds.

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