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By Sergio González | 12:36
Lady Gaga photo

Lady Gaga's style cops social media and drag millions behind her

Unlike surveys, following somebody’s tweets or being a Facebook fan comes spontaneously from ourselves, there’s no apparent constraint from rather the interviewer or the questions themselves,  so maybe we can say that  Big Brother and the little bird know some pretty interesting things about us

Twittercounter.com offers daily updates of the top 100 followed people, their tweets and who they are following. Twitter’s cake is disputed by many public figures but there three that are sticking out.

Number #1? When followers continue to worship Lady Gaga’s controversial tweets, is the new NY Dame eccentric style working?  Well, at a daily increase of 35,000 followers, she is on her way to amass 32 million fans.

Despite this and other milestones in the music industry –the fastest download single on iTunes, The Edge of Glory, one million in the first five days– Lady Gaga should keep an eye on the most famous Canadian teenager, #2 on the list and just one million behind.

Justin Bieber already beat her on YouTube in August 2011 when Baby became the most watched video, over 300 million views, moving Bad Romance to second position. In November 2012, his video counts #1 on YouTube with nearly 800 million clicks; hers, 500 million.

Among the usual string of pop songs, 56 seconds of two adorable young brothers playing around are the resilient beacon of YouTube’s home-made videos origins. Charlie bit my finger – again!

However, if we do the math, Lady Gaga needs only to tweet once to gain 13500 followers while Bieber needs 9 times 140 characters to get the same awareness. Is it that beliebers find it harder to believe?

Katy Perry makes number #3 of the top list with almost 29 million followers and maybe the only one who really writes her own tweets -she’s among the few not claiming to follow hundreds of thousands of people-. Want to know who she thinks will “be massive”? She’s all ears for English songwriter Jessie Ware.

Pop stars would hoard Twitter Top 10 if it weren’t for Obama’s and YouTube stats and if you also consider number #10, Kim Kardashian, worth the name -Wikipedia chooses a polite socialite for her-.

Between 14 and 15 million minions, we start to see some diversity among fame jobs world. American TV broadcasters Oprah and Ellen DeGeneres fight against soccer players Cristiano Ronaldo and Kaká. The last one writes also in Portuguese, making it the first foreign language on Twitter by number of followers.

More music stars, some actors, Instagram and CNN News keep on as the list scrolls down. It’s not until #39 we find someone unrelated to entertainment or sports, Bill Gates, and we can test out the funny shifts of our times from position #93, where the very 14th Dalai Lama  offers daily pearls of wisdom within Twitter’s welter.

Oreo cookie and rapper Lil' Wayne fued

What do Oreos and Lil' Wayne have in common? Find about their social media fight

What about Facebook? There are many statics and data to be extracted and considered useful from Zuckerberg’s creation -that’s the whole point of this gallizionaire business- but we’ll leave the thorough study to pros, staying to the basics, which are far more fun. Learn here about 2011 ruthless fight between Oreo the Cookie and Lil’ Wayne the Rapper to get the most FB likes in 24 hours!

The top of Facebook likes list is then again all about pop music stars and repeats Twitter’s pattern yet in this one, Eminem, Rihanna and Lady Gaga hop at the top three.

A couple of surprises. If you wanna know, wanna know now who’s #9, Bob Marley keeps sharing peace and love with the world -exactly 37 million likes- 31 years after his passing away. Another figure who resist the erosion of time is Michael Jackson, #5.

About brands? Check out the 20 top list obviously crowned by Coca-Cola, a page liked by almost 54 million people -340,000 more only during the first week of November- and, according to a blue little bird, started by two unsatisfied fans.

And who do we want to be friends with? We have it really clear. If you take out #1 -swimmer Michael Phelps- out of the equation, we only care for fun. Homer Simpson, Adam Sandler, Lee Evans or Johnny Knoxville’s crazy chilled updates is what we’re looking for when we log in to Facebook.

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