Why architecture is the new “must”!

By Sergio González | 11:24

Architecture may flash us out with its beautiful looks but its core is making our lives better, not just better looking. It’s all about improved environments where we can feel free and be ourselves. And the best thing about architecture is that we don’t need to understand it to feel its benefits.

Modern society has made us realize human beings cannot be detached from the environment they live in. I am me,  and my circumstances was a key principle of  20th century Spanish philosopher Ortega y Gasset that helped us overcome the limitations of ego-centered Idealism and outside-reality Realism.

From the raise in civil rights around the globe to green policies everywhere, we are more aware than ever about our surroundings, yet architecture is often regarded as something to enjoy only on vacation. Well, we are not saying you shouldn’t enjoy the best architecture destinations in the world, but meanwhile, you can take advantage of these architecture ideas and hacks inspired by nhows.

While all of us have our own sense of style, it wouldn’t hurt to learn a couple of tips from architects and designers who know what they are doing; pro help always helps. The same way you’ll never use a hammer to paint a wall, high ceilings will never allow you to feel cozy in your bedroom -you can lower them with some pieces of sheer clothing -all Mediterranean style- or make a DIY star ceiling to sleep under a starry sky every night.

Have you noticed how colourful nhow hotels are? In our Berlin location, pink is everywhere you go, and it’s just because NY designer Karim Rashid wanted staff and guests to feel inspired and relaxed. The combination of achieving red and peaceful white makes pink such a powerful color, able to nurture us with unconditional love and understanding, according to colour psychology.  Maybe it’s not just that random that the most creative Berliners love hanging out at our nhow in town.

While some would say so much colour can be overwhelming, it’s just like rejecting Spring because it smells too good. Colour profusion tells our brain the bloom is here and it’s time to get active and start getting things done. If you are up for all-in white decor trends, adding colour is easier than ever, but consider adding some shades of grey and black for a more elegant result, as they did in nhow Milano.

Don’t hesitate and promote your creativity with blue. You only need a focal point so it’s enough to paint the wall behind your working desk, hang a large picture of the ocean or get some blue cushions or curtains.

But if you really want to boost your inner genius and start thinking outside the box you need to be surrounded with blue colour. Thanks to architect Rem Koolhass we can now enjoy one hell of a view from nhow Rotterdam. Choose your room -either “sunrise” or “sunset”- and get ready to be mesmerized! Thanks, architecture!



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