Why travel the world? Experience it with Google Maps Photo Tours!

By Sergio González | 11:14
Jetpac app screenhome on an iPad

Jetpac app, an alternative to Google Photo Tours

This economic crisis keeps on challenging us everyday, making us eager to look for better deals and a better use for our money. We’ve been forced to cut down some expenditures and our traveling has become shorter and more domestic, though we keep on doing it as much as we can. We may not afford to travel to a foreign country this year but thanks to Google Maps, new technologies and software we may feel something alike. Not like the real thing, but everyday a bit closer.

Google Photo Tour

The Photo Tour Google world has been shaped with the users contributions from Picassa and Panoramio albums, making it everybody’s creation and free. You can navigate the world and stop wherever you want to peek or directly type the name of what you want to see; if it has a photo tour, a panel on the left will tell you so. The list of photo tours is already as broad as 15,000 and most surely you can find the ancient Asian temple you want to visit or the Pacific Ocean beach that gets you dreaming, but so far, Europe and America get the best Photo Tours.


Google engineers have developed the new MapsGL technology that allows us to look at real cities, 3D engineered, also required by Photo Tours to work optimally. You can tour around the place, moving the camera 45º to find the perfect areal image while no freezing takes place. This is its flagship and one of the coolest features it has. You can move around the Colosseum without experiencing any breaks or slow-downs during the navigation, it’s a 3D world for real! Besides, Google MapsGL doesn’t stop itself at landmarks as streets in Google Maps do, shaping random polygons as representations of the nearby buildings. From now on, they’re are the real ones, shaped also in 3D.

It’s been designed to be browsed from PC or Mac but also from tablets and other mobile devices, thought not every browser works with MapsGL software. Check out yours here.


Google Maps Photo Tours isn’t the only way we have to look at the best pictures of our beautiful world to get inspired by for our next holidays. Besides Pinterest or Instagram’s travel category, there are quite a few photo traveling apps waiting to be downloaded and enjoyed.

Trippy and Gogobot have been two of the most successful ones in 2012 and are also expected for 2013. They’re build up upon sharing your traveling stories with your social media friends and whoever feels like reading them, but since photos are a essential part of any travel story, they play a huge part in both sites.

But if you’re looking for an app focused on pictures -it works wonderfully on an iPad- Jetpac may be the one for you . Just after signing in with your Facebook account, you tap the countries you’ve been to, as well as the ones you want to see or visit. Jetpac works its magic and in a matter of second you start watching your friends photos in full screen, just to get you inspired and maybe a bit jealous.

No matter if the lack of money, time or decent weather forces us to stay at home, we can always dream about the journeys we would take and the mountains we’ll climb, but we can also do it digitally. 

Photo credit: Lindblom

  • posted by Dahleez Hotels | 06 February 2013, 8:19,

    Very useful and amazing technology introduced by Google engineer’s for analyzing any place without any effort at home

  • posted by Courtney Imel | 11 February 2013, 18:26,

    Thanks for your comment! Have you used the Google Maps Photo Tours? 😉


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