Why we love music!

Why do we love music? It’s one of those questions that maybe will never be fully answered, simply because we are trying to approach the way it makes us feel from a scientific stand point. And we all know that when science tries to explain the things we feel, it always gets strange.

Music is my drug is a claim made by many, many musicians, singers, DJs and music band members of every kind; and it’s not just something to say. They can proudly say they mean it because music works literally like an addictive drug or good food. The University of Montreal conducted several experiments in 2001 to find out that listening to pleasant music activates the limbic region of human brain which is related with a dopamine release, the hormone responsible for producing euphoria and happiness states.

We all can understand that Nature chooses to promote reproduction and nurture for the mere sake of survival, but why music? How can some sweet tunes have such an effect on us? Is going to concerts a matter of survival?

To find an answer we should dip into the profound pool of philosophy and what our emotions are and/or mean because empiric science hasn’t found any clear argument so far.

Emotions arise whenever we desire something we don’t have but still expect to get it. Music is considered to be able to provide just that, but is it all? How many times have you used ‘your music’ to help you deal with unfulfilled feelings?

Music is the destiny, the receptor and enhancer of our feelings and emotions, but it’s also the mean. Whether you download every piece of ‘relax music’ on iTunes, assist to a pro music therapy session with Tibetan bells or go to your favorite band’s concert, it’s going to work wonders for you. Moving forward with unsettled business eventually creates emotional baggage that music can lighten up.

Music can also help us reconnect with ourselves and others. Listening to your favourite boy band from your teenage years in your thirties or playing that song that used to be ‘ours’ when there’s only a ‘me’ are emotional triggers and conversation/party starters among other things.

Music connects us all, and just in case you’ve lived under a rock for the past few years, humans like sharing and connecting all the time, at all times. A crowd becomes an audience when properly guided by music, turning into a bigger thing of which is awesome to be a part of. Music connects generations and even countries, despite the fact that we need to share a common liking in music to understand what is normal and therefore pleasant, science says.

Meanwhile we can always count on ‘Gangnam Style’ or ‘Macarena’. They may not be the best music ever produced but they were the best in showing us that we are all very similar. At least, equally embarrassing and funny 😉 

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