Why winter is such a cool season

By Sergio González | 10:11

Winter is cool and not only because temperatures go down but for the amount of unique, special things we can only enjoy -officially- during these three months of every year. Don’t even think about saying that you only can have ice-cream in summer and that it is enough to name it best season: the top 10 ice-cream consumers in the world include Canada and every Scandinavian country. 

Winter means cozy blankets and hot beverages but it’s also the time when the Northern lights are at its height or when après-ski parties in the Alps or Aspen summon winter sports fans, affluent tourists, millionaires and every other person who knows how to take the most out of winter. 

Ok, so your friends are planning a trip to the slopes and you are not in the mood. You are from California and the closest you’ve been to snow is when some trying-too-hard- Hollywood celebrity rented snow cannons during Christmas. Just in case, don’t mind giving it a try and remember that no matter how cool snowboarding looks on paper, skiing is way easier to learn for first-timers.

Anyway, don’t despair; the coolest parties are waiting for you. After a long day taming some fresh snow after-ski parties began in places like St Mortiz or Grenoble, both in the Alps. Pick the coolest location you can afford and live the whole skiing experience.

Winter means snow and snow leads necessarily to snowball fights as soon as the bell rings. If after reading this line you are picturing a bunch of kids throwing snowballs, your imagination needs a 21st century update. FYI, you no longer make snowballs with that useless thing people used to call hands. Come one, people have now advance to using snowball makers. And so you know, millennials have no intention of breaking up with their inner child: students from University of Illinois outraged on twitter a few days ago when the Chancellor e-mailed everybody saying classes will be in session despite the snow falling.

One could wonder what people drank during lazy winter days before the alcoholic Aztec drink called xocolālt travelled to Europe to become chocolate, but we don’t have to. As cool as iPads are, hot chocolate is among the greatest inventions of modern times and we can enjoy them as much as we want.

Hot chocolate and marshmallows is the all American combo but we want to share with you the traditional way of having hot chocolate in Spain. After all, they invented it. It may shock you a little if you have already tried some churros, but dipping them in hot thick chocolate is the Spanish custom. However, Spanish churros are simpler than American ones -just dough and some sugar, no cinnamon or frosting involved.

There are two specific times when you can indulge yourself and eat tons of chocolate con churros in Spain: around 6 pm, which is sort of the local tea-time, and around 8am after many hours of partying like crazy in San Fermines, Fallas of Valencia, New Year’s Eve or any festivity and holiday.

Some travellers will set themselves on some kind of stand-by mode during winter or will only consider travelling to a beach and sun destination, but the most experienced ones know winter is the perfect time to hit the most popular destinations. Trying to enter Le Louvre museum in Paris or visit the Parthenon in Athens during high season can easily make you lose your happy-vacation mode after three hours in line.

Besides, some destinations like Prague, Copenhagen or St Petersburg are meant to be beheld covered by fresh winter snow. Just get yourself a good coat and this season’s trendiest hat and enjoy your vacation pics free of thousands of tourists. Could you get a selfie -with no one photo-bombing- in any of these top tourist destinations? Let us know!

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  • posted by Elisa | 10 February 2014, 19:04,

    I’m totally agree with you!! The 2 last destinations I had visited was in winter and it was special, different, an perfect!! I have a lot of photographs with my hat and gloves (and my red nose also)!!

  • posted by Ana Escurín | 14 February 2014, 13:06,

    Hi Elisa, we’re glad you enjoyed the post! It’s amazing how much fun we can have in winter, right? 😉


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