Winter sunrises that will make you believe in magic

By Sergio González | 12:54

Waking up to a freshly fallen blanket of snow is one of the greatest joys of winter and there’s nothing more magical about winter scenery than the feeling of being cozy and warm. Suddenly everything becomes beautiful and you can’t help but Instagram it while still in your pajamas. Today we want you to go a little further and make the best out of your shots of winter scenery with the most astounding winter sunrises. 

The music industry seems committed to make us believe summer is the most magical season of them all, although photography does a pretty good job at reminding us that winter has a lot to say too. Summer is magic because its passion will drive you careless and free but winter is like Downton Abbey, you don’t ask yourself why, but you can’t help falling for its classy, icy touch every single time.

Some of you may be thinking that there’s no way you’ll wake up early enough on the weekend, but we’ll have you covered. You can pop out of the club you are partying at in Iceland to see a 4-pm sunrise or toss and turn in your sheets in Tibet until sun comes up at 10 pm.

There are many astounding spots in the Himalayas to behold the first light of the morning. Considered a sacred seat by many ancient religions, sunrises in the Himalayas are all about slow-motion spiritualism and the sharpest landscape on earth. If you pick Tibet as your watching spot, the latest sunrise will appear before your eyes as sunrise begins around 10 pm in Tibet. Wait, what? Is it because of the altitude? Well, no. China is a huge country covering 5 time zones but they all share the same UTC +08:00 since the Communist Revolution of 1949.


Nowadays Myanmar, South Asia, was the former Pagan Empire which capital was a thriving cultural city in the 11th century. More than 10,000 Buddhist temples and several colleges and universities made Bagan the cultural city of its time and one of the most spectacular views on Earth nowadays.


Every ancient civilization from the Mayas to the Egyptians and even cave people built up stone calendars to help them learn  when seasons change.  You shouldn’t miss a sunrise over Stonehenge, Tiwuanaku or Luxor during the winter solstice but if  they are crowded, there are tons of ancient stone calendars all around the world.


Iceland’s name is already enough to have you thinking of some sort of magic land, but after watching it in the North on HBO’s Game of Thrones you couldn’t help but wonder what we you were missing. Our next sunrise will find you bathing in Iceland’s Blue Lagoon, but don’t worry because the pool’s temperature, including the surrounding area, is around 38º C (100º F). To get the same dramatic winter sunrise in America, you should hit Alaska, but you should wake up really early here in order you don’t miss the Northern Lights.


Chicago may be known as the Windy City but ice here is also a big deal. A sunrise over a frozen Chicago is priceless, even more so if you get lucky enough as to see it from a plane. Despite all the online confusion about frozen lighthouses by the shore of Lake Michigan that arose in January 2014, they are a total catch.


Photo credit: Philipp Rümele

Photo credit: Dhilung

Photo credit: OZinOH

Photo credit: Martin Sokja



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