Work up an appetite at these NH Hoteles restaurants!

By Courtney Imel | 11:18

Chefs Óscar Velasco, Christopher Naylor and Paco Roncero

At NH Hoteles we believe that the art of gastronomy along with an exquisite dining experience is essential to your stay at any one of our hotels around the world. We’ll give you a reason to work up an appetite at some of our very own Michelin star rated restaurants! Is it lunchtime yet? 


Two-star Michelin star rated restaurant Santceloni, led by acclaimed chef Óscar Velasco, is located right inside the Hotel Hesperia Madrid. The guiding principles of  Santceloni are to bring you the best culinary traditions, techniques and produce so that you can enjoy a memorable gourmet experience. In all senses and for all of your senses. This spectacular restaurant includes both a Set Menu which includes a selection of their classic, creative and innovative dishes using always the freshest of ingredients as well as an À La Carte menu including the best flavors of Spain. Discover chef Óscar Velasco’s creations at restaurant Santceloni with all your senses where excellence in service and gastronomy delight our customers!  

Santceloni restaurant in Madrid

Restaurant Vermeer

Michelin Star Restaurant Vermeer is the scene where famed international Chef Christopher Naylor shapes his culinary vision. Located at NH Barbizon in Amsterdam, this restaurant combines a challenging, sophisticated and unique cuisine with both French, Mediterranean, Dutch and English influences. Whether you choose the Seasonal Menu or the From The Land menu, enjoy haute cuisine combined with excellent service and an unforgettable culinary experience in a stunning monumental building creating the right atmosphere for any occasion. 

After working with Roux in London, Amsterdam and New York, Chef Christopher Naylor is now the head of a team of dedicated cooks who all have great love for their craft. The kitchen team consists of experienced chefs with knowledge, and ambitious young chefs full of fresh ideas. Get up close action of the gastronomic creations at the Chef’s table located right in the heart of Restaurant Vermeer. Here you get the chance to experience and discover the thrill of the service; see the passion of the chefs at work, as well as the teamwork and concentration. Each dish is served with the perfect wine parings, Maitre d ‘hotel Niek Beute will let you taste, smell and hear the sounds of the wines and shows you the ultimate ‘spice’ combinations.

No matter what you decide, Naylors mosaic of pure colors, aromas and tastes which unexpectedly merge into a rich culinary sensations are sure to win your heart! 

Restaurant Vermeer in Amsterdam

Casino de Madrid 

Foodies looking for originality, creativity and the possibility of a unique gastronomic experience won’t want to miss the exceptional dining experience at the Restaurant La Terraza del Casino at the Casino de MadridSince 1998, La Terraza Restaurant, has been managed by renowned  chef and Gastronomic Consultant Ferrán Adrià who has transformed the menu into one of the most innovative in the Madrid hotel sector while conserving its stellar tradition: the simple pleasure of a great meal in in the center of the Spanish capital. 

In 2000 chef Paco Roncero was promoted to Head Chef at the Casino, and currently occupies this position. He is considered Ferrán Adrià’s most outstanding disciple and continues to offer guests a modern kitchen with rigorous selection of only the freshest products on the market. Garden fresh vegetables from the garden, red Denia steamed prawns, and  fried fish with mojito mayonnaise are just some of the dishes you can enjoy on the latest Spring menu. With their wine list updated weekly, take advantage of the over 500 wines to choose from paired excellently with your meal by sommelier Maria José Huertas

Roncero is considered one of the leading representatives of culinary art in the kitchen, who is living his stage of maximum creative freedom thanks to the opening of his Workshop of Emotions last year. An area located in the back of the Casino de Madrid which outlines, tests and perfects the dishes which are then served in kitchen and presents and offers diners: “new sensations around the product and the flavors of everyday life.”

Have you tried any of our Michelin star restaurants? 


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