You are what you eat! Get healthy now

By Sergio González | 10:33

Get healthy now!

We need to understand the direct relation between what we eat and how healthy we are, and more accurately, how healthy we are not. Remember how Popeye got super big arms after squeezing some spinaches into his system? That’ how we should think about healthy food.

Want more proof that we are what we eat? Flamingos are naturally white, they only get pink because of their diet, high in crustaceous and beta-carotene, yes the same thing in carrots that gets us tanned faster.

There are so many healthy food trends that it’s really easy to get lost among them but as a rule of thumb, forget about them. A cleanse can get you many benefits in a few days but like with diets, working out and every other thing in life, there are no shortcuts. The magic pill is repeating until it becomes part of who you are.

You’ve probably heard about muscle memory and how after 50 times doing the same our muscle simply remember it without bothering the brain. Getting used to eating healthy goes the same way. At first it’s awkward to look for the right label on food and spending a few extra to go organic means spending less on other stuff, but it pays off. Big time.

Many health problems are directly related to food and bad habits, and many of our minor aches -those ones you think you have to get used to because hey, aging- could be bettered with some few changes. For Yoga practitioners, disease can only affect a body that isn’t respected, nourished and cleaned like a temple.

Shifting towards a healthier diet must be accomplished step by step, and one of the first gifts to your body should be to reduce salt intake. The salt present in natural food is more than enough so Mrs Pepper should be flying solo from now on. And we all know prepared food salt is out of the charts, so be careful.

There’s no need to become a calorie nut but reading the nutrients info and labels on the food we are about to throw into the basket is in order. This map from gives you a general idea on how is the world labeling food and here you can find FAO recommendations.

If you are trying to lose weight or are in a low calorie diet, it’s very important that you pay attention and bother to learn a little bit about sodium, potassium and other elements that we should keep at bay. Light-diet-0%-skimmed food is usually higher in not very good elements to cover the lack of tasteIf every other thing fails remember healthy, yummy smoothies exist.

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It’s surprising how many people who didn’t like veggies start loving them once they try some properly done. Good veggies are harder to tell apart at the supermarket for a non-trained eye and they aren’t always the easiest to cook with so much cleaning, peeling and boiling.

Get to know all the greens that grow next to you and the endless possibilities -and benefits- they can bring you, and remember to pick the shiniest, firm veggies. When in doubt, never over-cook them; it spoils all the nutrients.

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