You are where you live?

By Sergio González | 10:48
Free Spirit tree-house

Free Spirit Tree House in the Canadian woods

Most of us spend our lives in regular places, whether flats or houses. No matter the personal touch you may add, they are all alike; check out any suburb. However, there are people who seem rather unwilling to live in regular homes and they decide that the odder the better. We may not be where we live, but for these households it’s clearly defining. If you lived in a tree-house, surely your neighbors would notice and perhaps make fun of you for it; but you live in a tree so, you may not notice.

That’s what the Canadian couple living at Free Spirit Tree House in British Columbia seem to have had in mind when they decided that a giant ball hanging from a tree is the best way to live. Currently, the Chudleighs, named Eryn and Eve, live in a two-sphere home, and if you want to feel what they feel, they sell these unique houses online. You can get yours completely equipped and in just one day of installation. Enjoy the heights!

When Robert Bruno, an American architect and sculptor, moved to Lubbock, Texas, in the early 70’s locals would have never imagined the creative neighbor they were just about to have living next door. Buildings are usually built around a skeleton, a pre-designed structure to build upon. However, Bruno, as the sculptor he is, decided to treat his Steel House as an sculpture. You know how sculptors work; they carve a piece of stone and they imagine what will be created from it. That’s how Bruno made his home -carving around the blank space- by constantly shifting its shape until perfection.

Steel House in Texas

Steel House in Lubbock, Texas

Steel House lies on a cliff over Ransom Canyon -killer views- and it’s also unique because of the peculiar foundation it has; it’s a four legged house. As Bruno himself states, he wants Steel House to be halfway between animal and machine, to blend into the environment. 

As children, we all dream about having a tree house, which sometimes we get; but we also dream about living in a shoe just like Grimm Brothers’ Tom Thumb which hardly ever comes true. But hardly ever doesn’t mean never, because there are quite a few mushroom or pod houses in the world, enough if you want to buy one for yourself. Feel like living Hobbit style? Consider moving to Ohio. The coolest Mushroom House is placed in Hyde Park, Cincinnati.

The Mushroom House

The Mushroom House in Cincinnati, Ohio

Designed by recently passed away architect professor Terry Brown, this one-bedroom home features a copper ceiling and a peculiar spiral staircase that working with its unique exterior, have made the Mushroom House one of the most important and visited landmarks in Cincinnati. 

What’s the most unique home you’ve seen? 

Photo credit: joanneteh_32

Photo credit: Billy Hathorn


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