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By Sergio González | 11:13
Keith Richard Tribute

Tribute to Keith Richard by JackBet

It is said that guitarists have a special relationship with their instruments -Stevie Ray Vaughan named his ‘My Wife’- but B.B. King’s guitar boasts the best guitar-love story ever. In 1949 he was giving a concert in Arkansas when the dance hall burst on fire. But Mr. King came back in to rescue his beloved guitar. Later, he found out that the fire had been set on by two men fighting over a woman named ‘Lucille’ and so he named his guitar that many years later would start its own line of musical instruments.

Jimi Hendrix setting his Stratocaster guitar on fire may be one of the most epic moments in rock n’ roll. It happened in 1967 at Monterey International Pop Festival, the beginning of his success in the USA. Hendrix’s concert was one of a kind and he played the guitar in ways never seen before: backwards, with his teeth and almost making love to it. Actually Jimi loved music. When he was interviewed for the documentary film Monterey Pop, he said he burst his guitar on flames ‘out of love’ because you sacrifice the things you love.

Don’t hesitate to peek around Experience Music Project Museum next time you’re in Seattle if you want to see the remains of Hendrix’ Stratocaster. The Van Halen brothers were educated by his father into Jazz music and piano concerts. Luckily for millions of fans, rock got into their way and Eddie would become the player of famous guitar Frankenstrat. As he understood music, Eddie combined the lines and features of Gibson and Fender guitars to produce his own hand-crafted instrument. Frankenstrat’s red and white crazy stripes were admired and copied since its release and Eddie got used to add some useless pieces to his own just to keep it unique.

Queen’s guitar master player, Brian May, really loved his guitar ‘The Old Lady’. It was a custom made creation he crafted himself along his father in 1963 which Brian refused to give up using even it was really old. It is also known as the ‘Red Special’ because of the rusty color so many layers of painting had left. As if it couldn’t be any cooler, the guitar is made out of rescued 18th century wood from a dumpster. Keith Richard from the Rolling Stones is also in love with British nostalgia: his famous guitar Micawber is named after the character in Dicken’s David Copperfield.

Van Halen's guitar

Van Halen’s guitar Frankenstrat

Paul McCartney is left-handed, though he can play with both hands, and when The Beatles had just been born it caused him some embarrassment when they performed live. In 1961 they were performing in Hamburg and Paul saw a Hofner bass on a shop. It seems it was symmetry what attracted Paul so he ordered a lefty version of the violion shaped guitar because it made him better on the stage.

Carlos Santana is a Mexican guitarist, several times winner of a Grammy and placed 15th in the famous ‘Rolling Stones’ magazine 2003 list ‘100 Greatest Guitarist of all times’. Santana has always relied on exquisite Japanese craft arts to get the best rock from Yamaha guitars -model Rgx was first created for him. But as many other rock stars that started their careers in the 70’s, Santana went for a Gibson many many times, as when he played in Woodstock.

If you wanna see the red Gibson GS guitar with which he played, get your fanciest shadows and a killer party mood and book a beach and sun winter break in Costa del Sol because it’s in Marbella’s Hard Rock Cafe.

We hope you enjoyed this list of legendary musicians and the instruments they cherish! Do you play an instrument? 

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photo credit: Incase.



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