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By Sergio González | 12:03
colourful bikes

Retro and colourful, the best adjectives for your ride

Which are the most pedalling-friendly cities in the world? Is it Amsterdam? As it might come to your mind first, or has any other place been crowned the best city to go biking? Let’s find out which are the best urban destinations to get your wheels spinning!

Obviously we can’t skip Amsterdam, because if we cross some data as the number of Amsterdammers and the number of registered bikes in the city, we find out that everybody in Amsterdam rides a bike, from school boys to business people and grandparents; everybody.

Why is it so? Simply because Amsterdam is designed for pedestrians and bikes, not for cars. Most streets in this Dutch city are just one-way lines or directly forbidden to automobiles; that’s the real bike-friendly deal. It’s a city made of romantic channels, cobblestone streets and chilled life. Besides, Dutch people are very concerned about our environment and in our effort to keep pollution at bay, pedalling and not driving is key. Not to mention the benefits to our health -and our spirit if we choose a beautiful inspiring location to ride around.

Truth be told, at NH Hoteles we like pedalling and we think you like it as well, even when you are on holidays; that’s why we offer bike rental in many of our accommodations worldwide. Besides, visiting Amsterdam and not riding a bike is like visiting Paris and not peeking at the Eiffel Tower.

Most of our hotels in Amsterdam will have bike rental ready for you, beside free wi-fi, friendly staff and all the rest of facilities and good vibes you are used to when staying with us. Ask for your own bike at NH Museum Quarter, NH Musica or NH Carlton Amsterdam, just to name a few.

bikes in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is so bike-friendly that there are more bikes than citizens

Spain hasn’t been a leader in bike lanes or bicycles use athough some years ago this trend changed completely. Nowadays, we can find several cities in Spain that boast long and well planned bike lanes (they get you in and out of the city, even to the center); most of these brand new bike-friendly cities are in Mediterranean destinations such as Barcelona and Valencia.

These two big cities underwent a huge urban renovation: Barcelona in the 90’s for the Olympic Games and Valencia in the late 2010’s for Rider’s Cup and the building of the City of Arts and Science.

Valencia is ideal for pedalling. The weather is mild and sunny any time of the year and sea front boulevards are long and extremely bike-friendly with wide lanes not shared with pedestrians as it usually happens in other places. Besides, the city layout is almost flat so it’s all about enjoying the views and getting fit without trashing your lags along the way.

Valencia is settled in Turia River banks but as it is quite a wild river prompt to dangerous rises, some years ago its flow was diverted out of town and the space filled with parks, sports facilities and very nice and convenient bike routes. This bike lane starts North of Valencia, among the beautiful and traditional orchards on your right and sandy beaches on your left. It crosses town and ends in the Albufera, a wetland reserve and bird-watching paradise.

riding in the summer

This is it: friends, summer and bikes

Our most famous bike rentals in Valencia are in NH Center and NH Las Artes though you shouldn’t worry if you like best staying in another one of our accommodations. Ask staff for you bike: they’ll be glad to help you!

Oh, we almost forgot! A small fun fact: The most bike-friendly city in the world is actually Copenhagen. The whole country of Denmark is a vast bike lane. Danes ride and average of 600 miles per year. Amsterdam is the second one!

What is your favorite bike friendly city? 

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