Best hotels for sport lovers

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Are you a big fan of sports? Love living an active lifestyle? Or even the kind of person that loves to keep on top of their fitness routine even when on vacation or when on a business trip? Then this might be the article you’re looking for! We’ll be showing you around some of our best hotels for sport and fitness lovers. Football, gym, golf, paddle… we’ve got plenty of options for you that’ll work you up into a sweat for sure.

For football (and gym) fans

NH Barcelona Stadium

First of all, whether you are a sport lover or not, Barcelona is a must-visit. It’s crammed full with art, beautiful boulevards, colours, unique neighbourhoods and, of course, laced with sporting activities… If your passion is for football, we’ve got the perfect hotel for your stay in Barcelona: the NH Barcelona Stadium. It is the nearest hotel to the FC Barcelona football stadium, Camp Nou! Is there any football love who wouldn’t like to experience the excitement of a Barça football match or at least feel the atmosphere and hear the crowds?


Not only that, but from the services on hand at NH Barcelona Stadium, we have to highlight its amazing rooftop swimming pool, which features an access to its fitness center! Is there a better way of exercising than by overlooking a sunny rooftop while admiring the views of the city and its famous football stadium? Thought not.


NH Collection Madrid Eurobuilding

We’ve got another great option in Madrid, an option located on the same street where you’ll find the Santiago Bernabéu stadium (also known as the Real Madrid stadium). This option is our NH Collection Madrid Eurobuilding, a completely renovated hotel, just off the beaten track in the capital city of Spain. Of course, as fan of football, attending to a Real Madrid football match is an exciting idea. It is as simple as walking down the street, where you’ll be greeted by hundreds of others making their way to the stadium. This hotel is the perfect place to stay for the avid football fan.


Moreover, when not chanting along with your compadres, flex your own sport skills on any of the three paddle courts the hotel boasts, or even sweat it out in the Metropolitan® gym, one of the most famous, best value and full-equipped gyms in the city.  


And after a long day, there’s not a better way of feeling unique than with a visit to the spa. Ice cabins, massages, beauty treatments and so many other different innovative features will be waiting for you to relax and unwind!


Let’s play a few holes

NH Sotogrande

Let’s forget about football for a while and put the focus on the green, the golfing green that is. Which takes us to NH Sotogrande, a modern hotel in Sotogrande, Cádiz, placed in a privileged area near amazing beaches of the Costa del Sol and some of the best golf courses in Spain.


Surrounded by nature, green gardens and just some kilometres away from the coast, this is the perfect base for those that love to be outside. Oh! And if you are not much of a golf lover, there are also the tennis courts for you to make use of (or even just lying on your sun longer by the pool)! Which one would be your choice?


Hotel Almenara

In the same area, only a few kilometres away, the Hotel Almenara is found snuggled in a magical and peaceful environment. A 10 kilometres drive will take you to the beach, but there’s also a lot to enjoy in the hotel.


A fully-equipped gym that’s open from 8am to 9pm, and amazing outdoor pool fenced in extensive green gardens and palm trees,… and a golf course, designed by former Ryder Cup player Dave Thomas, open to hotel guests, members and external clients. Trust us, you’ll end up going there even before you see your room.


Don’t forget to visit (and enjoy) our Elysum Spa. It’s more than just a relaxing place, it’s a beautiful place, with private rooms, saunas, and jacuzzis… Welcome to paradise!


Gym in the city

NH Cali Royal

Let’s travel to beautiful Colombia now to explore two more options we have for our sport lovers. Especially for those who gym addicts. Welcome to NH Cali Royal, a lovely hotel in the Colombian city of Cali right next to the Holguines Trade Center.

NH Cali Royal - POOL

You can choose between all of its services and facilities: relaxing spa, takinga dip in the pool or challenging your body in our compact gym. Being fit has never been so easy!

NH Cali Royal - GYM

NH Collection Medellín Royal

Also in Colombia, but this time in the city of Medellín, our NH Collection Medellín Royal awaits you. A minimalist jewel with the latest and most innovative facilities located in the financial and business district of Medellín. Are you obsessed with cardio machines and weights? This is your hotel! (And your gym!) It’s perfect for both early rises and late trainers, as it opens at 6 in the morning and closes at 10 at night.

NH_Collection_Medellin_Royal-GYM (2)

As it happened with some of the other hotels, you’ll be able to relax and recover from the gym exercises at the hotel spa. Already thinking of a massage there? ‘Cause we are!


So, which of these hotels meets your active life needs? 🙂

A guide to our hotels by our guests

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Our guests are the reason that NH Hotel Group is what it is. They are the ones who push to grow, challenging us to improve in every way, day by day. One of the ways in which they do this, believe it or not, is by posting pictures on Social Media. They share their experiences, show our brand and, in turn, influence others to delve into the world of NH. With this post, we’d like first to thank them all but also to guide you around our hotels through the eyes of our guests. After all, they, better than anyone, can truly tell you what and NH experience is really like.


NH Breakfast

This is probably what guests share the most! And we love it! We feel pleased that you like to delight in the different breakfast offers we’ve got throughout our broad portfolio of hotels. We think it is the perfect way to start the day full of energy and to take a momento to yourself. It doesn’t  matter whether it is breakfast buffet with amazing views…


or breakfast in bed! One of the little pleasures we all like to have from time to time!


A room with a view

Who doesn’t like waking up to inspiring views? Feeling like you are in the right place, at the right moment, with the best scenery laid our before you to enjoy from the coziest of rooms. Please, enjoy!



Having great views has a lot to do with being in a great location, and our guests know that well and clearly appreciate it. It is important when travelling to be well located, right in the heart of your destination or in that special, secret spot. Can you imagine waking up in front of this paradise?


And what about being right next to incredible feats of architecture and monuments in the historic center of the city?


Decoration and atmospheres

Carefully designed to give each hotel the personality it deserves, our interiors create different atmospheres that enchant our guests. From elegant spaces to modern and chic ones: they become an important part of our inviting standards.


Look at the magnific piano with the original lamp on top and the red stairs around, such a perfect combination!



Having the perfect rest is a must, especially when going to a hotel. We offer our guests the best options when sleeping in our rooms, and because they’re happy, we’re happy! Some even make them their office for the day…



Apart from people staying in our hotel rooms, we also offer some magic spaces for everyone to enjoy a coffee or a drink or even attending a fancy event: these are our terraces. Rooftops, courtyards… it doesn’t matter what the concept is but being captivating places is a must for us (and our attendees).



Who doesn’t like to discover flavours from around the world? We work hard on creating high quality restaurants with local food, inspired by local concepts and crammed with delicious dishes to give you a memorable gastronomic experience. We are proud to work with Michelin Star chefs at some of our restaurants, one of the many ways we show that we care about the service we offer.


Look at this creation, doesn’t it look amazingly tasty?



Making you feel at home while in our hotels is another must if we want to guarantee comfort and special feelings. That’s why amenities are a relevant ingredient in our hotel experience recipe.


NH Rewards

The same thing can be said for our NH Rewards programme: the best way to have the perfect stay with us. Benefits, special discounts and services… You’ll feel more than welcome!


Hotel facilities

Last but definitely not least, our hotel facilities are loved by everyone who stays with us because they these space add that extra something (extremely) special to their stay with us. Gym, spa, pool… what else could you ask for?


It is not us saying it… but our guests! Let’s see what you have to say when you come to stay!



Rome: one destination, 4 different holidays

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Is Rome beckoning you to visit? Even if you’ve already wound your way through the Eternal City’s bustling streets, sampled its world-famous flavours or queued hours in order to catch a glimpse of Apollo and Daphne, there is always good enough reason to visit Rome much more than just once. This must-see destination has many faces, 4 of which you can discover below. We’re giving you the opportunity to revisit this incredible urban playground but approaching it from a different perspective. Here are 4 different holidays for Rome.

Cultural getaway

In the mood to broaden your mind? One of the main reasons that Rome has managed to establish its notoriety is due to the sheer volume of historical elements that lace every nook and cranny. It the favourite destination for history, art and architecture lovers all over the world, and regarded as someone what of an open-air museum, where you’ll find a centuries old story everywhere you look.


Even the classics of the Eternal City can surprise in right light; the Roman Colosseum together with the Platino and the Roman Forum never cease to amaze. The proximity of these ‘ruins’ is somewhat unbelievable and within a few steps, you’ll have walked through hundreds of thousands of unknown stories. But it’s not just the big hits that should be wrestling for your attention, step off the beaten path and let the city reveal all manner of fantastic sights, sounds and smells.

Of course, you can’t miss the Vatican City, with its Vatican museums, Saint Peter’s Basilica and, of course, the masterpiece that is the Sistine Chapel. It could almost be too much for some to handle! Do you want more? Write this down: the Pantheon, the Trajan Market, the National Gallery of Modern Art and the Borghese Galleries… among so many other extraordinary places!


Romantic getaway

Have you ever dreamt of what it would be like to step into the classic film, Roman Holiday? We all fell in love with the Oscar-winning movie starring Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck. This movie is the perfect example of how to explore Rome when love is the reason for your visit.


Walking along the banks of the Tiber River, having an aperitivo accompanied by a refreshing Spritz on the romantic Trastevere terraces (even in winter as they set up stoves to keep you warm!), and taking pictures of all the lovely scenarios that the city (and the movie) cast out before us.  Rome is full of magic places, charming cafés and restaurants, delightful spaces…

For the ultimate experience, what about exploring the city together on a Vespa? Of course, it’s practically expected that any couple will toss a coin into the Fontana di Trevi or taking a stroll through the Villa Borghese. What romantic corners of Rome to you love most? Let us know.


Gastronomic getaway

Organising a trip to please the palate? Going to Italy means delighting in its plates of pasta, pizza, fishes, cheeses and desserts…, and even more so if you decide to make it a gastronomic trip. Italian food is one of the most beloved in the world and it’s famous for its variety, the quality of its tasty products, and also because of being rich in nutrients.


Rome boasts a lot of popular Italian recipes and some of the best restaurants in the country. It’s true that there are also many touristic places, but even they can turn out to be really good ones.

Feel like trying a real carbonara, typical from the area? Not cream but eggs and not bacon but guanciale. It’s delicious! Don’t miss out some perfectly prepared penne all’arrabbiata, suppli (rice and cheese balls) or some traditional meat dishes or a pizza with bresaola… a personal favourite of ours. They are all so good! And, for dessert, gelato of course! 


Business trip

Embarking on a business trip to Rome is probably one of the best destinations that work can take you. Why? Well, because Rome never fails to leave an impression, even if you don’t have time to truly delve into the city, but simply going from the airport to venue will give you a feeling for it. Because of the richness of the city, even if you don’t have time to visit the main attractions, you’ll be able to admire its streets and monuments from wherever you may be.


If you need to buy something for a special event, just walk to Via del Corso and find whatever you need. You may also have to arrange a business lunch with colleagues, or just a coffee break, and you’ll be lucky to have so many options to choose from around the city that you’ll be spoiled for choice . Thinking about it, you’ll forget you went there for work!


So, what kind of getaway will you be taking? And depending on what you’ll be getting up to one of our 5 hotels will be able to help you?

Winter plans in Europe’s capital cities

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Want to make the best of the cold winter months? Then turn your attention to the European capital. There are so many ways for you to discover these cities during the fresher temperatures, with the cold weather giving the perfect excuse for a different set of plans! In addition, cooler temperatures usually means fewer tourists. Berlin, Madrid, Amsterdam,… and so many other options! Which one will you choose?



Winter in Berlin is a wonderful moment for a relaxed city break and to explore the different cosy bars and cafés where hot wines and beers are a must. Delicious pastries or warming soups cut through the frosty air, a tasty pick-me-up after an invigorating walk around the Tiergarten, one of the most famous spots of the city, and one of the most enchanting ones too, especially during these months.

Visiting Berlin’s Haus der Kulturen der Welt (House of Cultures of the World) serves as the best cultural shelter (AKA museum) if the thought of walking through the gardens doesn’t tempt you. This museum is an authentic exchange of cultures, art and masterpieces. Its architectonic structure will captivate you even before entering.

Are you a big fan of movies and cinematography? Then you’d love to experience the Berlinale, Berlin’s International Film Festival, “an exciting, cosmopolitan cultural hub that never ceases to attract artists from around the world”. Culture, diversity, art and so much fun is waiting for you in Berlin this winter!



Even in Winter, you can’t stop the sun shining down over Madrid, and it’s common place to see people sat on squares enjoying a drink. However, in case you have the bad luck of having to a rainy or windy day, Madrid is host to world famous museums: The Prado, the Reina Sofía and the Thyssen, to name but a few of the exceptional places to visit.

Another thing you shouldn’t miss out on is the opportunity of trying the traditional cocido madrileño: a delicious stew with a soup, chickpeas, meat and vegetables. You’ll love it and it will keep you warm! Our suggestion! Try the delicious cocido served at our DOMO restaurant in NH Collection Madrid Eurobuilding. Every Thursday at lunchtime you can ask for a menu with this tasty and traditional dish, cooked up by our Executive Chef Luis Bartolomé. Trust us, it’s too tasty to miss.

And, of course, the winter plan par excellence in Madrid is to go to Navacerrada or Cotos, locations in the mountains of the Sierra de Madrid for a day of skiing! Yes that’s right, skiing near the capital of Spain… I bet you hadn’t thought of putting that on your to-do list! . Check our hotel options here!



Amsterdam has a special charm in winter and thanks to the fewer holiday makers visiting the city now, it becomes a pleasure to walk the city. Depending on just how cold temperatures get, one of the most beautiful experiences you can have is going ice-skating in the canals. Seeing the city from this exhilarating perspective never fails to capture the imagination of people of all ages. However, an alternative, you can always go to its famous skating rinks, such as the ICE*Amsterdam or the Leidseplein one.

During these months, locals like to go to their cosy bars with intimate atmospheres and have a drink with friends or warm themselves up with traditional recipes like the stamppot (mashed potatoes) or their popular sweets: oliebollen. You will definitely want to live like a local! Our suggestion: to book your hotel in the city centre.



As with Amsterdam, Prague is also one of those cities that becomes even more beautiful when winter arrives. Maybe because of the snow decorating the  building and romantic scenery, or maybe because of the street food markets that pop up as quickly as they disappear (if you have the chance to go for Christmas, you must do it!)… Anyway, Prague is always beautiful!

Winter is a good moment to ride on Prague’s tram and discover the city, as well as to visit the Castle, an unforgettable structure of beauty and reverence in the middle of a magical landscape. What about going ice skating afterwards and ending the day with a beer tasting session at Beer Geed Pivotéke? It certainly sounds good to us.



If you liked the idea of beer tasting in Prague, you’ll love the Delirium Café in Brussels, too. Probably, one of the places where you’ll find the most extensive range bottled beers . And it is also a perfect and warm place to relax after a day of sightseeing Brussels’ must-see locations, eating some moules et frites in Rue des Bouchers and delighting in some hot chocolate and waffles.

It looks like, if you like gastronomic getaways, this has to be your winter destination! Our hotels there.



These winter months are full of activities and fun things to do in London, as always! London is such a busy city with so many options and plans to do that any day of the week is the best day to take on the city.

This year, choose between the festivities of the 18th of February in Chinatown, when the Chinese New Year will be celebrated; or attending the famous and glamorous Fashion Week; or having a drink at any of the chic and fancy heated rooftop terraces around the city… It will be difficult not having something to do! Our NH London Kensington awaits you there.


Already made a decision? First of all, remember to wear warm clothes. Second of all, get ready to have fun. And finally, we know it’s hard to choose… but any of the options is the best option!

Top cities to visit in 2018 with NH Hotels

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A new year has just arrived! And that means… new resolutions, new plans and, of course, new destinations to discover. This 2018 has to be tapped into traveling and enjoying as much as possible and we want to be part of it. That’s why we’ve made an attractive selection of five different cities that you’ll appreciate more than ever during 2018. Already organizing the dates to fix them in your holidays calendar?



Seville is a place that simply has something special about it, which is perhaps one of the reasons why it has been named as the best city to travel to in 2018 by Lonely Planet. So, what’s Seville got to say about itself?


Seville is the 4th largest city in Spain and the capital city of Andalusia. It is a city full of beauty, brimming with Andalusian art, warm vibes, modern and traditional architecture, and some of the most emblematic buildings and spaces in Spain. We’re guessing you might have seen Giralda, its huge and wonderful Plaza de España, or the contemporary Metropol Parasol. Thanks to being at the top of this Best in Travel list, the city will be having a lot of local activities during the year, such as the European Film Awards, among others, helping to bring a wider variety of tourists to the city.

Our tip is to try to avoid summer time as the temperatures can reach upto 50 degrees, so Spring and Autumn are best for those milder temperatures. Why not visit during the famous Feria de Abril? Guaranteed to captivate you with the authentic Andalusian energy!

A total of four of our hotels located in different strategic spots in Seville are already waiting for you to spend an amazing time in the city.



The German city of Hamburg can be found on this Best in Travel 2018 list, too, and we couldn’t agree more. Some people say Hamburg has never been given the attention it deserves but… it’s never too late! In fact, The New York Times also recently included it in one of its travelling articles “36 hours in Hamburg”. Hamburg… maybe this is your year!


There are two things that can be highlighted as the reasons why this city is so special: its architectural masterpieces and its fun nightlife. Hamburg is full of young people and full of art. Did you know it has the 2nd largest church in Europe, the Sankt Michaelis Church? You can’t miss it when there. Nor should you miss the new and extraordinary modern construction: the Elbphilharmonie. Breathtaking in the outside and in the inside!

If you like nice bars, cool atmospheres and walking around, you’ll love Hamburg’s nightlife either. Its Sankt Pauli neighbourhood is one of the most famous of the region because of the neverending life that invades it every single day (and night, of course).

If all this is not enough to whet your appetite… Check out our Hamburg Travel Guides! There’s a lot to discover so as to be ready to make the best of a stay in this incredible German city.



Poland, oh beautiful Poland. This country is firmly on this list and is one of the countries that has slowly been increasing in its popularity. And it was inevitable that it was going to happen to the town of Poznan, in the western part of the country.


Famous because of its University environment, it is one of those Polish cities that is starting to catch the attention of many young tourists. Poznan is a great place to spend a weekend, to walk around and to admire: little colorful traditional constructions, a beautifully imposing Old Town Hall, a Royal Castle built in the XIII century on top of a hill… there’s so many artistic-cultural-tourist-attractions! Not to mention its charming parks and the green areas surrounding the city..

Is this little old town on your 2018 bucket list yet? Great! We’ll be glad if you choose to come to our NH Poznan, right in the heart of the action, which will supply you with every single service you may need. What else could you ask for?



Even if you’ve already been there, London is always a great idea. There’s always something going on in this amazing multicultural city. Maybe because of the news of the latest Royal engagement, its popularity on the internet has significantly increased once again. It has always been a trend in Europe, and it looks like this year it is set to be one of the most beloved ones.


At least once in a lifetime, this city has to be visited and simply walked around, as well as visiting all its amazing and countless attractions: Saint Paul Cathedral, Hyde Park, Piccadilly Circus, Oxford Street, Buckingham Palace, the British Museum… art, music, street markets, culture… So many things! Is there anything London does not have? Come on! Our NH London Kensington will be pleased to provide you with the best of the stays.



Because living and experiencing historic art and culture is more and more valued by tourists as time goes by, the outstanding Italian city of Florence is a winning option this year. Florence is one of those cities that everyone falls in love with. It’s like an open-air museum in which every single step and every single building has a story to tell… Florence is literally flooded with incredible, unforgettable history!


The dynamism and the unique charm of Florence means that the city is a haven for tourists all year round, but like with Seville, we would recommend you not to go in summer, as Florence would be full of tourists and under really hot temperatures… not the most ideal conditions for sightseeing comfortably!

Are you already thinking of your pictures next to the Ponte Vecchio or under the magnificent Santa Maria di Fiore? Are you already thinking of that gelato while admiring the views from Piazzale Michelangelo? Because we are!


As we mentioned in the beginning… 2018 is going to be a great year and the way to make it better is travelling the world! Do you want to come with us?

A Winter’s Tale in the Cutest Towns of Europe

By NH | 12:49

This Winter, let’s take a breath from the big cities and take a moment to explore some of the most beautiful towns and cities in Europe that are well known but not overly touristic. There are so many cute places waiting to be discovered, to teach you local culture and enrich your love of travel. History, art, beauty… these are the perfect and coziest destinations for your winter getaway this year.



Almost right where Germany ends and the Czech Republic begins, and nestled in the valleys of the River Elbe, we find the first ‘village’ on our list: Dresden. Because of its important historic heritage and natural beauty, this lovely little place has always cast a certain spell over those that visit.

Every single corner has a story to tell, something that makes it extraordinary, especially when you learn that Dresden was bombarded back in the 1685 but on recovering, not only was it rebuilt but it took its first steps to becoming the city we know today. It was again attacked during the WWII but in the following years, pieced itself back together and is once again the incredible flourishing city, drawing in all manner of visitors from around the world.


In between all the things it can be proud of, you’d be crazy to miss out on visiting its Frauenkirche Baroque church, considered the symbol of Dresden. Also, the Royal Palace, the Zwinger museum complex  and the Semperoper cathedral are three of the must-see’s this city has for you (and they are so close to where our accommodation options are!) . Did you know that the oldest European funicular is found there? And that it has some of the cutest winter markets? The stately city of Dresden awaits your visit to teach you about History, art and splendour.


Have you ever heard of this Romanian village? It’s never too late to, especially with us. Part of its allure is the fact that it’s not such a touristic place, but it’s safe to say it is well worth a weekend. You’ll want to come back.


Neat, clean and full of colorful buildings, influenced by a mixture of Art Nouveau and Baroque architecture, like the picturesque Piata Unirii square and commercial centre, for example. Dating back to the Middle Ages, it has an important industrial history and is one of the best examples of a village with a multicultural legacy around Europe. It used to be under the power of the Hungarian Empire, the Ottoman Empire and the Habsburgs, and all of them leaving their mark on what it is today.


Timisoara was also one of the most emblematic and strategic spots during the Romanian Revolution back in 1989, with beautiful street art decorating the walls as a reminder. Nowadays, it is a vivid place, full of life, good vibes and young people. If you’re planning to come to our NH Timisoara, let us suggest you one last thing: the Strada Alba Iulia, is a street covered by a blanket of colorful umbrellas. Impressively lovely!


If we were to mention Lake Como, it’s highly likely that you’ll know where we’re talking about. But, what if we say Lake Lecco? Not so familiar with that one, are you? Well, in fact, this is a not-that-known part of the same lake. The River Adda ends up in Lake Lecco, located in the Italian village of the same name, right on the other side of where Como is located.


Surrounded by nature, Lecco is the next suggestion on our list of fascinating European destinations. Often covered in a blanket of white during wintertime, its Romanesque architecture is probably one of the most appealing characteristics of this Italian spot, together with the contrast seen in between the lake and the Grigna and Resegone mountains. So inspiring!


Already captivated? Write down this must see’s before visiting it: San Nicola church, Piazza XX Settembre (an effortlessly elegant place!), the Belgioioso Palace and Villa Manzoni, where you’ll be delighted by the works of Alessandro Manzoni and beautiful contemporary art. Is there something we’re missing? Oh! Delicious Italian gastronomy… and our NH Lecco Pontevecchio!

La Spezia

Let’s stay in Italy for a little while longer. This time, we’ll explore La Spezia, a wonderful city sometimes considered as the connection between the villages of the World Heritage Site Cinque Terre: Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore.


La Spezia is an attractive, romantic spot, with its coastal houses, its port and the Ligurian sea breaking its waves into the rocks of this charming village. The colors of the cultural heritage sites of La Spezia, together with the blue sea, and the green forests look like a carefully designed artistic composition. Another advantage? The nice weather, warm and nice all year long, which is great if you want to get rid of cold temperatures for a while.


They say that an image worth more than a thousand words… we’re not so sure. So, come see it yourself!

So, in the mood for a winter getaway in any of these charming destinations? Even a brief weekend break will top up your love of travelling and take you away from the humdrum of the daily routine. And, we think that these places deserve to be visited as much as you deserve a winter break!


Surprising Destinations for an Unforgettable Christmas

By NH | 12:55

If you were looking for a change of scenery this festive season, then this is the post for you. Christmas is a special time of the year, so why not think big and make it even more memorable. It comes around once a year, meaning it can be celebrated in the more traditional way whenever you like, so, this year, take an unforgettable trip during the holidays to one (or more) of these extraordinary destinations?

Buenos Aires


Let’s start with a destination where fun and vibrant times are guaranteed: the capital city of Argentina, Buenos Aires. If you’re from Europe, one of the main reasons why your winter adventure will be different from other years is the weather: no snow or freezing temperatures. During this time of the year… it’s summertime in Buenos Aires! So.., if you’re in the mood to spend Christmas in flip flops and forget about cold weather for a while, the weather is reason enough.


In addition, people are full of joy and excitement in Buenos Aires during those days. Locals really enjoy Christmas festivities and dress the whole city: you can’t miss the famous giant Christmas tree at Galerías Pacífico, as well as the modern Puerto Madero neighbourhood! If you are spending New Year’s Eve in the city, you may consider celebrating it at Plaza de Mayo, where everyone waits for the new year to arrive at midnight (and then they celebrate it to the max, of course)

Fully immersing yourself in the essence of Argentina is more than possible during Christmas time, with special Tango shows are prepared for the holidays. You can book one of these shows and enjoy some of the tastiest dishes of their traditional gastronomy at the same time. We are already waiting for you… It’s going to be a lot of fun!


New York City


Who hasn’t thought of spending a dream Christmas in New York? This is probably one of the most impressive destinations for the most loved event of the winter. At least once is a lifetime, we have to experience spending a Christmas in the Big Apple. All kinds of amazing events and exciting activities are taking place these dates. The big hits are taking a picture with the huge Rockefeller centre Christmas Tree, or enjoying ice skating with family or someone special under the beautiful decorations?

The fireworks in Brooklyn, the lights all over Dyker Heights, the incredible decorations at 5th Avenue shop windows, the biggest Christmas market you’ve ever seen at Bryant Park, Central Park covered in white and, of course, the big celebration in Times Square at New Year’s Eve. All this and much more is what awaits you in New York City when celebrating Christmas time. Do you really want to miss such experience? We can’t wait to see you there!


Punta Cana


Not convinced so far? Still looking for something a little bit more special? Ok. Then how about the paradise that is Punta Cana; Long beaches, warm temperatures, white sands, turquoise waters, and so much more to delight in. Most of all Punta Cana is about relaxing. Opt to spend the holidays here and it will definitely be an unforgettable Christmas. Instead of celebrating it in the habitual way, why not take some days out of the norm and disconnect? You deserve it!

Escape from the cold weather and come to our NH Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic to have the warmest and most paradisaical Christmas holidays ever. Going to Bavaro beach, soaking up the Caribbean lifestyle and making the best of this exotic experience will be your only worries.

This destination is always a good idea but… don’t wait too long to book as It’s becoming more and more popular during this holiday season!




If you want to visit somewhere that pairs Spanish tradition with Christmas vibes, Madrid is the choice for you. Have you visited yet? Christmas time is a great moment to do it. The whole city is invaded by beautiful lights, street markets and crowds of excited people. Taking a tour around the main city sights is even more charming these days.

Moreover, there are a lot of traditions to take part in to make sure you experience the city like a real local: buying the famous Christmas lottery for December 22nd, eating 1 grape for each of the 12 clock strokes when on Plaza de Sol for New Year’s Eve, or having churros with hot chocolate for breakfast on New Year’s Day! A magical Christmas awaits you in Madrid, why not savor it this year? We’ve got plenty of choices for your stay!


What kind of unforgettable Christmas are you going to experience this year? Come on! It’s right around the corner!

NH Top 10 World Heritage Sites

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It is unbelievable how many incredible natural and man made treasures there are to be experienced and seen firsthand all over the world, and that there are still so many more still to be found. Luckily for us and our future generations, most of them are being preserved and are included on the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list. We’ve created an exclusive selection, highlighting 10 top sites that can be found situated near our hotels all around the planet . Whet your appetite with us and get your travelling boots on!


One of the most famous palaces in the world is located in the Southern Spanish city of Granada, and surely you already know a little about it. The Alhambra, meaning ‘Red Castle’ in Arabic, is one of the most beautiful constructions and a true emblem of the Moorish history of Spain. Located up on the hill of al-Sabika, and next to the neighbourhoods of the Albaicín and the Alcazaba, the Alhambra awaits, offering an incredible view that covers almost every single corner of the city of Granada.

Did you know that it is the most visited place in Spain? Make sure you book your tickets in advance to visit the whole complex of the Alhambra and the Nasrid Palaces, the Alcazaba, Generalife and the beautiful gardens. It will be just like being in the Arabian Nights… only with tapas at hand!


Costiera Amalfitana

This area is considered one of the most charming spots in Italy and of the Mediterranean coast. It has all the characteristics of these two idyllic landscapes but taken to another level, and basically everything you see is steeped in rich, unforgettable beauty. Every single element; the nature, quaint buildings, vineyards, rolling cliffs and more, are reason enough to visit this incredible UNESCO site. And what’s worth remembering, is that though it’s a feast for eyes, it’s most certainly a pleasure for the stomach, too. If you want to make the best of your stay, we’ve got the ideal hotel: The NH Collection Grand Hotel Convento di Amalfi, a unique hotel in the most inspiring location.


Cologne Cathedral

A symbol of the city, the Cologne Cathedral needed more than six centuries in order to become the Gothic masterpiece we see today. Originally starting back in 1248, construction was put on hold in 1473, but then was restarted in the 19th century, finally being completed in the year 1880. It took a while but… wow, what a marvel! Though unmistakably intimidating, this treasure is one of must-see wonders of the city and is the second tallest building to be seen. In fact, you can see it from almost everywhere in Cologne.

But, you should go and see it for yourself, and here’s our recommendation: book at NH Collection Köln Mediapark and fall in love with this German city full of magic.


Venice and its Lagoon

The next World Heritage Site on our list takes us back to Italy. Specifically, to the incredible city of Venice and its lagoons. It is amazing how this city preserves its essence. It became an important maritime port back in the 10th century and is now considered to be one of the most impressive cities in Italy. After all, Venice is a ‘floating city’ full of art, architecture, history, gondolas, winding passages and much more. It even became an important international influence regarding urbanism and architecture and is a clear example of a well executed transformation, full of strong, cultural values.

Still on your bucket list? Choose where you’ll stay  now and start packing! Venice is waiting.


Vatican City

We are still in Italy for a little while longer, and this time to visit another extraordinary place on this list of the World Heritage Sites: the Vatican City. You may already know that it is the holy land of the Catholic Church, which is true, but there’s so much more. The Vatican City is the smallest state in the world, actually it’s an ecclesiastical state, and it is also a majestic space where art and architecture are the main characteristics. We’re guessing you’re heard of ‘Laocoön and His Sons’? Just one of the many pieces to be gazed upon whilst there.

You cannot miss its Vatican Museums where so many of the most beautiful art collection ever are kept. When in Rome, do not miss out on a day trip to the marvellous Vatican City, it’s a must!


Cultural Landscape of Sintra

Only 30 kilometres away from the capital city of Portugal, Lisbon, we find another spectacular site: Sintra. Have you ever heard of it? This little Portuguese village is well known for its cultural landscape charm, the reason it made it onto the World Heritage Site list. It is also respected as the Centre of European Romantic architecture. Not convinced?

Well, cast your eyes upon the Pena Palace, one of the icons this village boasts and an authentic work of art: it was built over the ruins of an old monastery and perfectly combines Gothic, Egyptian and Renaissance elements, you’ll love it! Take a stroll around this stately setting and the parks that are full of exotic plants. So, when in Lisbon, you really must take the time to visit Sintra and the many other wonderful ‘secrets’ nearby. There are two of our hotels looking forward to hosting you!


Historic Centre of Vienna

Who couldn’t fall in love with the beautifully elegant city of Vienna? The Austrian capital has something special. It is a blend of modernity and antiquity that have flawlessly merged. It has had many faces, including Celtic and Roman settlements, all of which later transformed into the capital city of one of the biggest empires ever, the Austro Hungarian. Having said that, Vienna is not just a vast, sprawling urban marvel, it is also a musical, cultural and architectonic playground, seen as a strong influence worldwide in each and every one of those areas. Sumptuous palaces, lovely parks and impressive buildings… what else could anyone ask for?

If you haven’t been to Vienna yet, what are you waiting for? The Unesco historical centre will transport you to the beauty of a time past, and you won’t regret! It doesn’t matter in which part of the city you want to stay, we’ve got plenty of options for you to choose! Come, come, come!


Grand – Place Brussels

The following World Heritage Site is literally impossible not to stumble upon when in Brussels. It is the Grand-Place , or Grote Markt, a wonderful open air space with both public and private buildings, all of which are beyond beautiful. This main square became an important social, political and commercial site long ago, and still is. It is an absolute must in this city full of charm and is perfect to be visited together with some friends. Are you coming? We’ll be pleased to host you during your trip.


Altamira Cave

In the North of Spain, right in heart of Cantabria’s historic town of Santillana del Mar (a World Heritage Site in itself), there’s a special place that isn’t as well known as others: the Altamira Cave. Are you interested in speleology (the study of caves) and Ancient History? Then you are going to love this. Visiting the Altamira Cave and Paleolithic Cave Art of Northern Spain will take you back to Prehistoric times. There you’ll find the best preserved Paleolithic paintings, representing some of the earliest human arts. Amazing, right? If your are coming to our NH Santander City, reserve an afternoon to visit the Altamira Cave, it is just 30 kilometres away and is really worth it.


Santiago de Compostela Old Town

Last, but not least, and still in Northern Spain, we move over to the capital of the Galicia region, Santiago de Compostela. This beautiful old town is quite rightly on the UNESCO list… but do you know why?

Well, there are several reasons, each other them more extraordinary than the other: the city’s fame begins with a legend, one that says in 831 a shepherd was guided to the burial site of Saint James, giving the city an immediate position of interest and, later, power in Northern Spain. Then, during the 10th and early 11th century, it was repeatedly attacked by the likes of the vikings. At the hands of others, sections of the city were destroyed and had to be completely rebuilt. It is famous for its buildings full of different architectonic influences such as Gothic, Baroque and Romanesque; its Cathedral is one of the most famous in Spain, especially because of its Pórtico de la Gloria, which is the main entrance and the end of the Way of Saint James. That’s why it is also a place well-known for the number of christian pilgrims visiting it any time of the year. Have you heard of the Camino de Santiago? Well, after 780 of pilgrimage, this is the final location. Curious to find out more for yourself? Come visit it!


Take advantage of the wonders around you and let yourself be amazed by the beauty and impressiveness of these World Heritage Sites. They’ll please your expectations for sure!

A Mini-Break with Friends: The Perfect Destinations

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Who doesn’t like a mini break with friends? And nothing’s better than discovering somewhere new together. There are destinations that are renown for family holidays, others for romantic weekends, and then there are those that are perfect to share with friends. And, no, we’re not talking about those famed party destinations. So, where are we going to be sending you?



In the Eastern part of Europe, the beautiful capital of Hungary awaits you, resting upon the Danube, the second longest river in Europe. Of course, we are talking about Budapest, great for travelling on a budget, and the locals are known for their openness and kindness, making you and your friends feel more than at home.


So, what to do? Well, between Buda and Pest (yes, the city is split in two), there are numerous activities to be enjoyed. Even just walking around its beautiful historic center is a joy in itself, as well as trying to cross all of its 8 bridges in one day, from one side of the city to the other. You can’t miss the Hungarian Parliament Building, sat on the Danube river or Liberty Square, both just 10-minutes away of our NH Budapest City. There’s also the incredible Central Market Hall with its Neogothic-esque look, and, of course, take advantage of the opportunity to experience the Opera at the Budapest Opera House. After all, cultural leisure spent with friends is always a nice change.


And how about the thermal baths? Yes, Budapest is the only capital in the world that has thermal springs, some of which have medicinal effects. They are one of the biggest attractions the city has, understandably so, especially when it’s bitingly cold outside and the waters are warm. What’s more, is that these baths are not just for relaxing… some are also for partying. What do you think about that? Check out the Szechenyi Baths and see what’s on. If you’re not in the mood to take a dip, you will find the famed ruin pubs all over the city, built inside abandoned buildings where you can soak up the atmosphere and enjoy a few drinks together after a long day of sightseeing. You also have to try the delicious Hungarian dishes, like Goulash and Langos, and the much loved wines from the Eger region.



One of the best things about Madrid is the fact that it’s so easy to walk, plus it has an extensive metro network that connects all the major sights within the city centre and its surroundings. If you and your friends fancy a touch of culture within an urban environment, then Madrid is your city. There are numerous places to flex you cultural prowess; galleries, quirky bookstores, boutique shops with creative twists, and the big hits like Prado Museum and the Reina Sofía Museum.


Once overloaded with cultural, you’ll find that Madrid is also the perfect place to simply sit back and relax, with locations around its historic center being top picks for people watching as well enjoying a drink or two; Plaza Mayor, Plaza de Sol or beautiful Retiro park. Of course, you’ll have investigate traditional bars in which to enjoy tapas with a glass of sangria, vermouth or a ‘tercio’ (bottle of beer), something that you’ll find locals doing.

Football fans? Go chant as part of the crowds of a match at Real Madrid or Atlético de Madrid (depending on your allegiances), and even take a tour at their outstanding stadiums. A great experience!

All of you will love this cosmopolitan city, full of sky high rooftops bars, like the one at NH Collection Madrid Suecia, and especially the nightlife that never stops. You’ll find yourself coming back for more before you know it. 


Are you visiting Madrid on a budget? Don’t worry, here are some affordable NH options for your stay.



Here it comes, one of the most emblematic capitals of Europe: Brussels. It is undeniable that this city has a special charm; The Grand Place, the famous Manneken Pis sculpture, Mini-Europe, Atomium, Cinquantenaire, the Museum of Fine Arts, the Comic Book Tour… just few of the many amazing things you can’t miss. They are all well connected, easily accessible by foot, and perfect to while away a long day together.


Brussels is loved for its young spirit, which will make you and your friends feel closer to the city. Good beer, delicious waffles, tasty moules-frites, great pubs and the best possible accessibility with two airports near the city center are reason enough to love Brussels. But this is not the only city.


If your type of mini-break involves getting to know a place’s personality by foot, you can also consider short trips to some of the most beautiful towns not too far from Brussels, like Ghent or Bruges. Already looking for a place to stay? Check our NH Hotel Group hotels in Brussels. There’s a special one for everyone!



Ahh Italy, beautiful Italy. How can you not have love for la bella italia? Are you familiar with Bologna? The historic capital of the Emilia-Romagna region, bringing together all of the best bits of Italy; good weather, great Mediterranean gastronomy, beautiful architecture, grand squares, museums and creative people. This city is well-known for its antique University: Archiginnasio, built in 1088, and is considered the oldest University in the whole Western World.


Plan your day whilst sat in a bar on la Piazza Maggiore, enjoying un café e una brioche. Then visit the Basilica de San Petronio and start your session of cultural sightseeing around Bologna. One place you will all be amazed by is the Torre Asinelli, the famous symbol of Bologna. Climb to its top and admire the views of the red rooftops of the city that contrast with the surrounding green hills.


Afterwards, who’s in for a typical aperitivo with a Spritz? No one will be able to say no to your proposal, the best way to start an evening of fun! After the night has drawn to a close, your room at the NH Bologna de la Gare will be waiting to give you the best rest.


Buenos Aires

Last, but not least at all, the capital city of amazing Argentina invites you and your friends to experience a wonderful mash of traditions, old and new, set against an eclectic, enigmatic backdrop. Buenos Aires is perfect if big cities with intriguing corners to discover are what are you’re in to. One of the things that distinguishes this city from others is the variety of neighbourhoods to be visited, from which you can’t skip the coastal Palermo, or the colorful La Boca, La Recoleta or San Telmo.


Moreover, you should make time to make the best of its gardens and green parks. What about drinking mate and enjoying an authentic tango performance in the street? A great side plan for chilling together whilst discovering the special charm of this city. Where in the city do you want to stay? In the historic centre? Right on the Plaza de la República? We’ve got all the options covered.


So, where do you think you and your friends will spend your mini-break? Which of our ideas tickle your fancy?

Top Autumn Cities for 2017

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The weather is getting cooler, ochre colours are breaking out all over, and urban landscapes are changing. Autumn is most definitely here! Even if summer is over, why put travel on hold? If anything, it’s the perfect time to explore cultural capitals, warm islands, historic landmarks and beyond, and we’ve selected some of the best places to enjoy the season of change. These destinations will help you disconnect, break away from the daily routine, and make that perfect last-minute getaway.


A combination of lower temperatures and fewer tourists make autumn the perfect season to visit the capital of Portugal. The weather is idyllic for walking around its historic centre and to take in its numerous must-sees: iconic trams, the bohemian neighbourhood of Alfama, the enchanting narrow streets… the list goes on. It’s also an opportune moment to make your way to Belem and Sintra, two of the most famous, and perhaps loveliest, spots in the city.


Lisbon is one of oldest European cities, and it brims with ochre tones that strikes a beautiful contrast with the blues of the river and the ocean. Who wouldn’t like to enjoy this inspiring scenery from Miradouro and take amazing panoramic pictures?


Its terraces are still great for relaxing and whiling the day away, and Lisbon is a cheap destination perfect for spending a long weekend. Moreover, you will fall in love with its local dishes, ideal to take on the season: wine, cod, pasteis de Belem… Now just to decide which of our hotels in Lisbon you’ll pick.


Up next is one of Europe’s most charming destinations. It is an absolutely dream city with a mixture of Gothic and Czech baroque architecture and its parks are everything but disappointing. Also, have you ever heard of Kampa Island? It is one of the spots that you can’t miss when visiting the city. Its beautiful views of the city, with its charming buildings, the Vlatava River, and the Lennon Wall, make it the perfect place to get a feel for the city. Also, there you can find the shortest street in the city: X9 Jiřího Červeného Street X9. It’s only 27 metres long!


The beauty of Prague truly comes through during the months of Autumn due to the golden light and the fresh temperatures that breeze through its streets. For those days when temperatures are just a bit cooler than you’d like, treat yourself to Kulajda, a delicious traditional hot soup. And, as a last thought, have you ever considered Prague as a great choice for a romantic getaway? Beautiful narrow streets full of magic, history and petite restaurants perfect for a date with a special someone. Oh, and as an extra little curiosity, Prague is the only city that has a special day for lovers. So, what are you waiting for? Your hotel in Prague: NH Prague City.



Are you still craving Summer vibes even when Autumn is in full swing?? Don’t worry, there’s a destination for you to make the sun last that little bit longer, and one with fewer tourists around. Where? the Spanish island of Fuerteventura. A little local fact for you: it is considered to have some of the best beaches of the Canary Islands, as well as some of the most beautiful protected areas of Spain. Its volcanic landscapes turn this island into an authentic geographic paradise.


It’s warm but easy-going temperatures will make you feel like you’re walking through an endless late spring, surrounded by calm and tranquility. Fuerteventura is just what you need if you want an escape that brings back those early Summer sensations. The Canary Islands are always a good choice! One of our Hesperia hotels is there waiting for you to spend a wonderful getaway.



Let’s go to the other side of the world and visit the little, yet fascinating capital city of Uruguay, Montevideo. With subtropical weather that’s warmer during the European Autumn season, it is an exotic and different choice that’s waiting to be explored.


Eating an asado at the maritime port market is a must when in Montevideo, as well as visiting the Pittlamiglio castle, an emblematic medieval-renaissance mansion where you can visit the Alchemy Museum and enjoy different cultural activities such as a theatre play or magic shows. You will also have time to enjoy the beauty of the little towns around like Minas, Colonia or Carmelo, quiet places with no tourists and to discover more of this amazing country. Such a complete trip in which you will, for sure, fall in love with its friendly people! Check out our NH Montevideo Columbia and start planning your trip!



Of course, Italy had to be included in our selection. Perfect for a 3 days getaway, we’re taking you to Palermo, the wonderful capital city of the island of Sicily. Why is Autumn worth your time to visit it? Firstly, everyone would rather avoid the extreme hot temperatures that Palermo flares up with in summer. During the months of October and November, they cool down and mild temperatures grace those that visit. In addition, it is the perfect destination to enjoy and discover the Italian charm on the Mediterranean sea.


You’ll be delighted by the beauty of Piazza Giuseppe Verdi, the clash architectural styles that range from Norman to neoclassical, the haphazard squares and winding streets, and the charm of its genuine traditional Italian markets. Autumn is of course the perfect time to visit Palermo’s main attractions, such as the International Museum of Puppetry, the Santa Maria dell’Ammiraglio church in Piazza Bellini or gold laden Cappella Palatina, without having to wait on a long queue! Moreover, who doesn’t like delicious flavours of the Italian cuisine influenced by the Mediterranean gastronomy? Seafood and good wine for everyone! Do you know our hotel in the city, NH Palermo? Perfect for a weekend stay!



So, where are you going this Autumn?