NH Hoteles awarded the Carbon Footprint Certificate

carbon_footprint nh hoteles

Coinciding with the World Environment Day that was celebrated last Sunday, June 5, we have been awarded the certificate as an acknowledgement of our management, calculation and objectives aimed at improving our Carbon Footprint. The certificate affirms that the calculation is a proper reflection of our emissions, wich consistently includes all the sources of emissions.

We are very proud of this award since it means that NH Hoteles is one of the first hotel chains to earn this certificate internationally. The Carbon Footprint certificate is the outcome of our commitment towards the environment, and getting this recognition for every single one of our hotels makes us very happy.

The feedback we got from the auditors TÜV Rheinland in their report is substantially positive. They highlighted the high level of knowledge and the involvement of our entire staff in caring for the environment, and we would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for making this happen.

Concerning technical aspects, TÜV Rheinland has checked that the requirements laid down in the Corporate Standard for Accounting and Reporting of the Green House Gas Protocol have been fulfilled, and applied worldwide in all our hotels. The check includes levels 1 and 2 of the Carbon Footprint, waste management and Business Travel.

Since we started up our Environmental Plan 2008-2012, we have implemented a series of innovative sustainable measures that have made it possible to meet the targets set in the plan a year earlier than originally planned: cutting CO2 emissions, obtaining savings in water and energy as well as recycling waste.


With regards to CO2 emissions cuts in 2010 for example, we were able to calculate with complete reliability the carbon footprint of our guests in every single one of our more than 60,000 rooms at our 400 hotels. Using our new online carbon footprint calculator, NH Hoteles customers can identify the environmental impact of their entire stay and of their trip depending on the type of transport used.

We plan to continue our growth responsibly and hope to be leaders of a sustainable development in the tourist industry, doing our bit in order for all of us to Wake Up to a better World.

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  • posted by steve jobs | 16 March 2012, 18:41,

    perfect footprint, we need more trees to cut CO2 emissions.

  • posted by parfait | 01 April 2012, 19:08,

    congratulation for the award.

  • posted by ana escurin | 09 April 2012, 13:23,

    Many thanks 😉


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