The European Week for Waste Reduction


The European Week for Waste Reduction (EWWR) is a 3 year project supported by the LIFE+ Programme of the European Commission until 2011. This year, the Week is taking place from the 19th to the 27th November 2011.
According to the organizers of the EWWR the previous edition met a huge success! Thanks to the commitment of all Project Developers, more than 4.300 actions were implemented across 22 European countries and 2 Latin-American countries during this Week. Activities on waste prevention awareness took place in all sorts of places, such as firm restaurants, schools and even churches.

The European Week has been designed to met the following goals: To raise awareness about waste reduction strategies and about the policies of the European Union and its Member States on this subject. To promote sustainable waste reduction actions across Europe. To highlight the work accomplished by various actors, through concrete examples of waste reduction. And to encourage changes in the behaviour of Europeans (consumption, production) in everyday life.
In addition, the most outstanding actions carried out during each edition of the European Week for Waste Reduction are awarded every year during a European awards ceremony. Prizes are granted for the most outstanding EWWR actions carried out by Project Developers from each of the following categories: Administration/public authority Association/NGO Business/industry Educational establishment Other (for example hospital, retirement home, cultural institution…)
You can also test your knowledge on recycling here, ready?
In NH Hoteles we also try to do out bit for the environment carrying out recycling actions in different areas. You might remember the project called Cork2Cork that we launched in March.  The idea of the project, the first of its kind among European hotel chains, is to recycle this material which, when recovered and reprocessed, can be reused for making coverings and excellent isolating materials. This will help to cut down the need for artificial heating and cooling in our buildings. We have planned to collect and reuse the corks from the bottles opened at the company, accounting for around two million corks a year.
The sustainable innovation that the company has performed on many of our products and services has influenced the quantity and type of raw materials used and as such, the waste generated at our hotels. Waste production has fallen in 2010 in line with the objectives set by the Strategic plan and has enabled the reduction, by more than in 2009,  of overall waste generation as well as of the kilogram/guest ratio.
In 2010, waste generation dropped 14,4% thanks to the training a measures to raise awareness among employees and to the continuation of the measures launched in order to adopt alternatives to minimize the use of packaging.
What about you? Do you recycle?


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