Are you part of the Millennial Traveller generation?

By Carlota Nelson | 10:37

There are many different types of travellers. Cultural explorers, history buffs, no hassle-explorers, rejuvenators, hedonists, the partiers, the planners, business travellers, the budgeters, holiday makers, adventure travellers, foodies, tourists, group and solo travellers… The list is endless. Everyone has a destination but we all have different ways of getting there.  This month we will be focusing on a new breed of travellers. The Millennial TravellersThey explore, they are never tourists. They collect stories and share them online. They demand instant gratification, Wi-Fi upon arrival and are outnumbering baby boomers by 18 million, according to the latest Skift report.

In fact, by 2030 this generation of travellers is expected to reach 78 million! This month we’ll fill you in on who they are, how they travel, what travel trends they will be setting in 2014, where they will go and what nifty travel apps they’re downloading. Are you a Millennial Traveller? Find out here!

If you look up Millennial Traveller in Google, it takes 0.25 seconds to get over 78 thousand results. That’s how important this new guest is to the tourism industry today. So who are they?  Some argue they are between 18 and 35 years old and their expectations are shaking things up. This next generation of travellers are not only social media savvy but think of travel in a completely new way.

They travel more frequently than other groups; crave exploration and loyalty programs, don’t like made travel packages or inflexible deals. They use their mobile devices to enhance their travel experiences. In fact, according to The Luxury Traveller & Social Media 2014 report, they rate hotels on how Instagram-able they are. 

The Millennial Traveller feels comfortable mixing business and leisure so they’re more likely than others to extend their business trip and turn it into a personal vacation. They’re quick to voice the things they don’t like in terms of service and experience found in hotels, flights, restaurants and public transportation. A recent survey found that Millennial Travellers are “a tech-savvy generation that values social connections, convenience and opportunities to indulge in luxuries.”

Another aspect that sets them apart is their booking behaviour. Here are some interesting Millennial Business and Leisure Traveller facts:

They are three times more brand loyal than regular travellers and spend 13% more on their trips due to last-minute itinerary changes, bookings and refundable tickets. They crave perks and are more likely to upgrade their seat for in-flight entertainment or more legroom.

Millennial Travellers are four times more likely to pay for on-board Wi-Fi, but if charged at a hotel they’ll get outraged as they don’t see it as an an amenity, but a  necessity. And when dissatisfied, they are quick to report and share it via social media. Although they value peer review and turn to them for expert advice, they aren’t easily tricked by marketers.

When it comes to destinations, they are definitely explorers, not tourists. They seek authentic experiences. From learning something new from a local perspective to volunteer travelling, the Millennial Travellers believe they should address causes that are important to them and one of the ways they strive to support their beliefs is sustainable travel. 

So, are you a Millennial Traveller too? What will you be up to this Summer? Keep posted as we’ll be serving you all the latest trends, ideas and tips on how to upgrade, destinations you’ll love and experiences you’ll be happy to share from your smart phone.

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  • posted by The Travel Team | 27 February 2018, 5:11,

    Thanks for your post. Millennial travelers today collect stories and share them online.

  • posted by NH | 13 March 2018, 18:56,

    Yes, they do!


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