Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions of the NH Blog

1. Introduction

The following document contains the finalized copy of the TERMS AND CONDITIONS and the safeguarding methods to PROTECT USERS of the blog located at www.nh-hotels.com/blog (“NH Blog” or “Blog” or “Site”), property of NH HOTELES, S.A. (on behalf of, NH or NH HOTELES), based in Madrid, calle Santa Engracia 120, 7th Floor, 28003 Madrid, Tel. 91 451 97 35 and Fax 91 451 97 89. The terms “User” and “Users” are used in reference to any individuals or entities which, for whatever reason, access this website.

NH intends, using the blog, to bring the NH World closer together and communicate our services to our users in many different countries, giving them an opportunity to give their opinion, leave comments and make public their worries concerning a variety of different topics.

The use of the Webpage and its services, assumes the unreserved acceptance, and agreement, of all of the Terms and Conditions recognized in the most recent document containing these said conditions, so that the user is informed of the importance of reading them every time they visit the site. The user, having previously read the conditions of the site and services must accept the conditions stated. NH reserves the right to modify unilaterally and without prior warning, any of the terms and conditions currently stated, in the way that we find the most convenient and fair.

The NH Blog offers a variety of services (the “Services”) to its users on the Site, all of which are the property of NH Hoteles.

2. Site Use

The Site and services are exclusively for personal use and not for commercial use, for those over the age of 18.  Furthermore, any person who accesses the site is subject to basic rules of conduct during use of the site and its services, and must comply with all laws, both moral and in the public order, and especially: (a) Not to violate international, state, community or local laws where applicable; (b) Not to send unsolicited emails, spam, unwanted mail or any other material to any other user, person or entity; (c) Not to threaten, harass, or intimidate other site users; (d) Not harm anyone who is underage; (e) Not to exhibit or enclose any obscene, vulgar, offensive, defamatory, harmful content or anything which violates author rights, brands, patents or any other content which violates intellectual rights; (g) Not to invade the privacy of others; and (h) Not to use services to create a false identity or to impersonate the identity of others.

In case of a violation of any of the terms of conduct previously mentioned NH Hoteles reserves the right, at their discretion, to expel, suspend or terminate, temporarily or permanently, any user of any service on the Site. The exclusion of any user however, does not suppose the renouncement by NH of any legal action corresponding to the laws broken.

3. Protection of Personal Data of Users by NH

Site users provide mandatory information about their personal character (known as Personal Details) which NH deals with automatically and incorporates into its database to be able to offer its services quickly; NH is responsible for all data and is storage is monitored by the relevant authorities.

Due to the characteristics of NH and their activities and services offered, in order to develop and achieve the objectives, it is necessary to exchange some personal details with third parties, including international exchanges. These transfers of personal data can be given to members of the NH GROUP and other third parties. The exchange of personal details to other entities has the exclusive purpose of understanding the performance of services which NH offers.
Users who give data always have the right to access the database, meaning they can exercise their right to change, cancel or oppose data as stated in the numerous Data Protection Acts. At the same time, users can oppose the treatment and sharing of their personal data at any time in accordance with the articles 6 and 11 of the Updated Bill 13th December 15/1999, Data protection act

To enforce this, it is possible for any user to contact NH by means of email at info@nh-hotels.com or write to the head office at Calle Santa Engracia 120, 7ª 28003, Madrid, España. NH guarantees that it has adopted very secure procedures in all of its installations, systems and databases. Also, NH guarantees the confidentiality of all personal information; however data will be shown to the relevant public authorities along with other information that is required to fulfill any legal or regulatory responsibilities applicable on an individual case basis. Site users guarantee to provide, in all cases, true, accurate, valid and authentic personal information, and must promise to keep all personal information correctly updated.

NH services are not designed for those under the age of 18 and NH will not accept nor recognize information relative to those under the age of 18.

In any case, NH can collect information using technologies like cookies or file logs as users are navigating through the site. These devices are associated exclusively to individual users and their personal computer. In such cases, NH will only use this data as a whole in order to improve their overall service. It is possible that NH will share this information with its clients but it will be given solely in a grouped statistical form, no individual data will be taken.

4. Intellectual Property and Author Rights

All content placed on the site externally by a user will be considered property of that said user, it is subject to and protected by the effective legislation and material protection through the rights of the author, brand and other intellectual properties legislation. All other material and content found on the site, its graphic design and programming codes HTML, JAVA, JAVA Script or Active X, are protected by rights of author or other rights of protection of intellectual property; and these rights belong exclusively to NH or their licensers. Internet users who access this Blog can view the information contained and also to carry out downloads or reproductions onto their own computer system, as long as the copies are not later given to third parties or end up connected to the Internet or a local network. It is not permitted, without exception, according to the present terms of use to distribute, edit, publicly communicate and reproduce, or any other act in part or totality, any information published on the site without express prior authorization from the NH group.

Users must use content and information taken from the site in a licit, correct and diligent way and in particular use information for personal use ONLY, commercial use is NOT permitted, whenever the content is unaltered or without a mention of its origin, copyright or other identifying details which relate to NH or third parties, the original format must be respected. Any reproductions or copies, distributions or publications, of any sort, of the content and information published on the site without previous written consent by NH is strictly prohibited. Authorization for reproduction of content and information can be gained by writing to the following email address info@nh-hotels.com. In case any user or third party considers that any of the existing contents on the Site has been introduced in violation of author rights or other rights protected by intellectual property, we request it is communicated to NH by sending an email to info@nh-hotels.com, with the documentation that proves this.

5. Disclosed Content

As part of the site use, the user can disclose content or materials as long as they abide by the restrictions included in the present Terms and Conditions. The User grants NH Hoteles the right to use the content disclosed on the Site to promote and publicize the Site and its Services.
The user recognizes complete responsibility for the form, content and veracity of their own postings and the ramifications which they could carry, including legal ones. The User will not disclose any false or inexact material nor disclose (a) material protected by rights of author or registered trade names unless the User is the holder of such rights or has the authorization of the holder; (b) material that divulges commercial secrets; (c) material that violates the intellectual property rights of third parties or breaks confidentiality rights of others; (d) materials of a threatening, vicious, abusive, obscene, pornographic, sexual or offensive nature, with respect to another user, another person or organization; (e) any material that contains a virus, or any malware that it has as an aim to damage, to negatively interfere with, or to extort any system, data or information.

NH Hoteles does not accept nor assume any responsibility with respect to the veracity, fidelity or viability of any of the disclosed content, and does not endorse any opinion expressed by a user nor guarantees that users are the people they claim to be. The user releases NH Hoteles of all responsibility in claims of this nature.

NH Hoteles has the absolute right to remove and/or eliminate, without previous warning, any content which it considers objectionable. User consent to this removal and/or elimination is not allowed as is any reclamation against NH Hoteles for this removal and/or elimination.

6. Access to the Service, Registration Security, Password and Expiration

In order to access certain services, the user must have become a member and completed a registration form giving correct and truthful information and ensuring that the information is current and up to date. Registration is free.

The moment that a member registers for the site, they are issued with login details (username and password). The user is responsible of the use of these log-in details on the site, as well as the confidentiality of these details. The log-in information can only be used to access and use the site and other services which apply to the terms and conditions. The user has complete responsibility for the use of these account details used on the site and must agree to excuse NH Hoteles from any and all responsibilities with respect to this use. In case of loss, robbery or non-authorized use of the account, the user must communicate it with NH Hoteles immediately.

NH Hoteles reserves the right to close, temporarily or permanently, any account, at any time, for any reason; and can remove or discard any content that was on the site, due to, among other reasons, if NH Hoteles considers that you have violated or acted contrary to the law or the spirit of the Conditions of Use.

NH Hoteles can also, at their discretion, immediately block use of the site or other services, with or without notification, as well as deactivate or erase any content disclosed by the user, and/or prevent all other access to these registries, Site or Services.

7. Hyperlinks

Users have access to third party WebPages through the Site by means of hyperlinks and other forms of linking. Third party sites are not under the supervision or the control of NH Hoteles and we do not accept responsibility or guarantee any third party connected with this Site. NH is not obliged to control and it will not check histories, or any form of services, content, data, archives, products or any class of existing material on the pages of third parties, NH will is not responsible, under any circumstance, for the legality of the content on these pages.

8. Relevant Law

These terms of use are in regards to Spanish Law. NH and the users, for the resolution of any controversy that could arise, with respect to their validity, execution, fulfillment or resolution, complete or partisan, are put under jurisdiction of Spanish law or to which, where appropriate, could correspond to the competition Courts and Courts Madrid. The contract constitutes the complete and utter expressed agreement between NH and the user, and replaces all the previous pacts, commitments, manifestos or agreements, written and oral, that existed between both parties previously.

9. Exceptions of responsibility and guarantees

9.1 NH does not guarantee the reliability, availability or continuity of the blog operation nor of the services put at the disposal of the user, the contract excludes any responsibility of damages of all natures which can be attributed to the lack of availability, reliability or continuity of the blog or the services offered, although NH will try to facilitate, to its full capacity, any technical assistance to the effected party.

9.2 NH is not obligated to monitor personal user histories or the presence of viruses or malware in its content which can create alterations in software and hardware on the computers of users who visit the pages. The contract excludes any responsibility of damages of all natures derived from the above.

9.3 NH is not obligated to monitor personal user histories as well as anything in the service, content, data, archives, products or any class of existing material on pages owned by third parties, NH will not respond, under any circumstances, in regards to the legality of content of these WebPages, as it is the exclusive responsibility of the third party, NH declare that the legality, morality, moral convention and public order of the content as well as that which does not injure, the sole responsibility of the third party.

9.4 NH is not committed to monitor and will not monitor, nor guarantee the reliability, availability or continuity, any operation or service at the disposal of users by third parties based outside of www.nh-hotels.com. The contract excludes any responsibility of damages of all natures that are due to a lack of availability, reliability or continuity on outside WebPages or services. The user is responsible for any errors and/or damages of all natures that NH could suffer as a result of a breach of contract on the part of the user, in relation to any liturgy or by breaking the Terms and Conditions which have been presently agreed.

10. Protect the terms of use

If one of the stipulations of the present terms of use was declared null or inoperative, the rest of the Conditions will stay as previously decided. NH is committed to replace the invalid stipulation to the most accurate understanding of the original intended regulation.

Copyright NH Hoteles, S.A.