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By Carlota Nelson | 10:30

Private chefs, holy water skin fresheners, Jacuzzis, showers, cosy loungewear, massages and someone who tucks you into bed with champagne and cashmere blankets. We´re not talking about the exclusive services offered by luxury hotels, spas and resorts, these features are now available on airplanes.  As long as you have the money to foot the bills, of course. Welcome to the cuddle class up in the air.

Every year, the company Skytrax Star Rating delivers a list of the best quality and luxury services offered by the world´s greatest airlines. They rate consistency, front-line and on board staff and premium services. Last year Japanese Airlines ANA garnered 5 awards including World’s Best Airport Services and Best Cabin Cleanliness. Blending the old and new of Japanese culture, ANA’s amenities are all about the small details: 100% biodegradable and sustainably sourced bamboo lap rugs, gourmet menus using seasonal and fresh ingredients and an expert wine selection. This year, Emirates earned the distinction of being the best airline to deliver luxury services on board where their first class passengers are  feel like a million dollars. Quiet, private cabins with doors and separate washrooms, Jacuzzi, massages and showers, yes, you can actually take a shower to really freshen up. Coming soon: hookah and shisha lounges.

Another luxury airline if you are a Diamond First Class Passengers is Etihad, which provides travellers with private chefs who prepare whatever their heart and palate desires. This December, they will launch The Residence, by far the ultimate luxury perk. Designed for up to 2 passengers traveling together, each “Residence” includes a living room with a double-seat sofa with ottoman, two dining tables, a cabinet filled with chilled drinks, and a 32-inch flat screen television. The en-suite bathroom comes complete with a soft-carpeted hallway and a butler to ensure all arrangements are in place according to personal preferences.

Although it´s one of the youngest airlines in operation, Qatar Airways offers their premium passengers an eight-course meal including cheese and sushi plates, caviar and smoked salmon, and is famous for offering luxury services even before you board the plane such as a BMW limousine that picks you up and takes you directly to a well-serviced waiting lounge. How does a lavish menu with foie grass, caviar and 10-course meal sound? Would you care for a deep tissue massage or a facial? Even their amenity kits are top notch and specially designed by Prada.

Singapore Airlines is a pioneer when it comes to food. Their Book the Cook service allows you to pre-order your gourmet meal and have it brought right to your table, on board.  When it comes to experiencing the pleasure of sleeping on an airplane, their signature service includes real beds, fine linen and full-sized pillows.

British Airways, renown for their A La Carte Menu and the Molton Brown Travel Spa amenity kit now offers an extra perk to their high paying customers: flat beds extending six feet and six inches. But Eos Airlines is really outdoing the rest when it comes to space. Although it has room for 220 passengers, they only allow 48 on board. That is 24 square feet of space for each lucky passenger. You´ll even be able to enjoy a curbside escort who will get you through security and if you´re not satisfied, Eos announced a money-back guarantee.

When flying Asiana Airlines you´ll enjoy duvet covers and tuck-in service. China´s Hainan Airlines offers a cabin-bed and a complete amenity kit including a magnifying glass, sewing kit, nail clippers, combs, staplers, pens, fountain pen and memo pad.

Afraid you don´t have the money to enjoy these luxury services and treatments? One good thing to keep in mind is that when a first class section isn’t filled to capacity, an attendant will allow lower-paying customers to enjoy the open seats. When you check in, ask about this option. Your wish might be granted.


Photo Credits:  Prasad Pillai, Etihad AirwaysThor 




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